Why the aptly named Carney would flop at Apple

“The strict dictionary definition of a ‘carney’ (or a ‘carny’) denotes someone who works in a carnival. The more common, if utterly pejorative, usage centers on someone who tries to con innocent people,” Jon Friedman writes for MarketWatch. “It would seem both references would apply if recently retired White House Press Secretary Jay Carney would confirm the rampant speculation, currently sweeping through Silicon Valley, and join Apple as its public-relations chief.”

“Carney became infamous for his non-responsive replies to reporters’ questions about White House policies. His habit of awkwardly trying to deflect queries eventually became something of a running joke — except that the joke was on him. Now that ill-advised reputation would follow him across the country throughout northern California and beyond,” Friedman writes. “Hmmm. We seem to have a media-relations leader who shows little regard for the media. Now, where would such a person fit in the worst? Why, Silicon Valley, of course. And the cherry on top of the sundae is that Apple stands as the most scrutinized company on Earth — or any other planet.”

“Couldn’t you just see it now?” Friedman writes. “Tech reporter: ‘So, Jay, how are you getting along with Beats’ Dr. Dre?’ Carney: ‘I don’t know.'”

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MacDailyNews Note: This rumor certainly has legs, but it’s effectively been debunked by the well-connected Jim Dalrymple earlier today: Jim Dalrymple: ‘Nope’ on Jay Carney for Apple PR boss report

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  1. All it takes is one rumor sufficiently insisted upon as correct to get the blogosphere spinning and opinion pieces flying out the door. It gives people something to write about that has “Apple” in it, thus ensuring hits. The origin was probably some people in a Silicon Valley Starbucks making a joke about Carney being Apple’s new PR chief because they knew how absurd it was, only someone tweeted it, emailed it, and ran with it as a rumor/fact.

  2. It wasn’t Carney’s “non-responsive replies” that made him infamous; it was his transparently false lies.

    e.g. He said:
    Benghazi Emails Not About Benghazi.
    The American Legion Thinks The White House Is Handling The Veterans Administration Beautifully.
    If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep Your Health Plan.
    Obama Will Warn Congress If He Engages in a Taliban Swap.
    Obama Never Opposed Signing Statements.

  3. Now now MDN, let’s not be hasty with the name denigration. After all, there was a well known fellow named Art Carney who wasn’t a clown. Then again, maybe he was.

  4. This whole subject is nuts. He was never a candidate. Again MDN get a second forum like MacRumors does where you two MDN baggers and the rest of the politicals can waste time.
    Really two articles on this political non event? Is this really MC news?

  5. I wish ‘Friedman’ had a pejorative meaning….I’d throw it back in his face. What does he have to say about the new press secretary, Josh EARNEST?

    1. Exactly. This whole attack on Mr. Carney is really stupid. Every press secretary is tasked with deflecting questions from the press. He is being attacked for doing his job.

      1. He is being attacked for lying to cover the worst President of the last 100 years.

        People don’t want a PR rep for that, they want the fucking truth!!!!

        Compare Obama to who you may, but most in the know realize he is a HORRIBLE failure unequaled in modern times.

        1. Oh please. Give it a rest. It’s not true, and you know it. Hell, he’s not the worst president of the 21st century, much less the past 100 years.

          Yep, he’s such a horrible failure, the stock market is setting record highs every week or two, unemployment is down and the uninsured are at the lowest levels in a generation.

          Now, he ain’t perfect, and in trying to find a middle path, he’s pissed off a lot of us on the left. If asked by a survey, if I’m satisfied with the job Obama has done as President, I have to say no.

          But the worst president of the past 100 years????

          1. The stock market is only high because the Fed is printing gobs of money and giving virtually interest-free loans to Wall Street. If those businesses were truly doing well, they would be hiring.
            This is another government-created bubble getting ready to blow up in our faces. Meanwhile, Obama and his criminal cronies run off with the loot.

          2. UH, yeah, I stand by that remark 100%. If you have any knowledge of history and economics, you might see the truth.

            And it’s not a partisan statement. He has passed Carter in the foreign policy AND economy blunders.

            He has surpassed several Presidents COMBINED in spending, including propping up Wallstreet, which apparently you haven’t figured out.

            Yes, I know the Left’s knee-jerk is Bush, and then Nixon, and of course they hate Reagan for being so successful, but in reality do-nothing Bill Clinton and Vietnam War/Great Society Johnson plus Great Depression bungler Roosevelt were all much more understanding of the Office than this amateur.

            1. I’ve never claimed to NOT be one.
              But that has no bearing how shitty this President is.
              I don’t think my political views have THAT much power….

        1. No.

          His job is to tell the truth.

          Not lie, spin or say to the press over 1,900 times, “I don’t know.”

          You don’t know? You’re fired!

          The only part of this equation that makes sense is the worst spokesman for the worst president.

          Get a grip …

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