Videos: Apple CarPlay demoed on Pioneer’s AVH-4000NEX

Fix Denver walks us through the available apps on Pioneer’s implementation of Apple CarPlay.

There are very few apps available right now, but Fix Denver promises to add reviews of the news one as they arrive.

Check out the full series for more information on Apple CarPlay. Also check out the Fix Denver website for pricing and installation services.

All of the videos below used Pioneer’s AVH-4000NEX stereo to demo Apple’s CarPlay technology.

Direct link to videos here.

[Attribution: MacRumors. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. I agree with trondude, a lot of touching the screen… distracted driving… If most of the operation could be achieved by Siri, then maybe OK. Could be great for older autos that didn’t originally have “screen” interface.

  2. I said I wouldn’t buy a car without Apple Carplay. Then what do I go and do? Buy a Tesla! The electric was just too tempting. Now all I got to do is ignore the horrible Goole Maps in the car. Absolutely hate Google.
    Ill probably end up glueing an iPad on top of half the Tesla screen.

  3. I kept asking myself, “Why do I need this?” I can and do have my iPhone in a holder in the car and do this already. Paired with the car’s system via BT makes it more hands free. What am I missing?

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