Apple debuts new iPhone 5 TV ad: ‘FaceTime Every Day’ (with video)

Apple has debuted a new :60 television commercial on U.S. broadcast and cable networks. The ad, the third in a series for iPhone 5, following Photos Every Day and Music Every Day, focuses on FaceTime:

Every day, more people connect face to face on the iPhone than any other phone.

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  1. Video chat is great, started doing in 1999. However I still have the same problem, no one knows about. Some are afraid of of it, no shit. They think it just the same a calling. The few I have turned on love it. I am glad to see Apple promoting it.

    1. Same here, using the old iChat AV from the very beginning (when it was in beta).

      There is a fundamental difference between all these “video chat” services (Skype, AIM, Yahoo / MSN messenger, etc) and FaceTime. Unlike the computer-based services, where people usually need to pre-arrange calls (most people are not logged in), FaceTime allows completely spontaneous calling. With most of the world offering iPhone subscribers cheap unlimited data plans (not in America yet, at least not cheap), FaceTime has been used between iPhone owners almost like regular phone calls.

      Android (and Windows) fans keep pointing out that these services exist (or have existed) on their platforms for a very long time, and they may be correct. Actually, when 3G mobile broadband became available, old-fashioned “feature” (dumb)phones with front-facing camera were available for video chats. It wasn’t until FaceTime came out that this type of video calling became wildly popular. And this is for the same reason as everything else Apple ever (re)introduces to the world: Apple made it simple, easy and intuitive.

      1. Yes, it was difficult when you had to call someone first. Another problem was pixelation. It would not take much movement to screw up the video. Apples first iSight cam was great because it used FireWire instead of USB. It still had issues, but a lot better. FaceTime’s face detection has improved this, a lot. It made using FaceTime on a phone doable. iChat used AOL, this made it posable to connect with PC users. You could have 3 way chat and show presentations. At first I thought FaceTime was a step down, until I realized how easy it was to make a call. It is just like a phone call, actually better. I can reach them on wifi only iOS devices and Macs.

        Some people, even with FaceTime, are concerned about how they will look. Vanity will keep them out of the future. Unfortunately these people can keep it as an early adapter product for a long time. The Android, and WinPhone who don’t know they can do it, or it’s to difficult for them will also keep this from taking off. Perhaps the Apple fanboys should use this against the Android fanboys. Every time we read their bashing we should just ask “how is your video chat working for you?”

  2. Very tasteful.

    What I really like about these ads is the nice mix of people of color Apple uses. Watching some of these movies, TV shows and commercials, you’d think that the country and world is 90% white.

    1. Oh, yeah, don’t worry about every blend getting represented by Apple. I’m surprised they didn’t find anyone that was green, or perhaps not even human. United colors, yup, Check.

  3. Anybody else notice the second to last shot has a white iPhone with a brushed aluminum looking back plate? At first I thought it was a reflection then realized white would not reflect like that.

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