Beleaguered Nokia slams iPhone 5 camera in parody of Apple ad (with video)

“A new advertisement from Nokia parodies Apple’s ‘Every Day’ advertisements to promote what the Finnish handset maker believes are the superior picture taking abilities of its own Lumia 925 smartphone,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“The commercial starts off quoting Apple’s own ad from April, which declared that ‘Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera,'” Oliver reports. “But Nokia’s ad goes on to say that the company builds ‘for quality, not just quantity.'”

Oliver reports, “Camera quality has long been a focus for Nokia in developing its smartphones.”

MacDailyNews Note: Here’s some free advertising for Nokia because, hitto, the poor bastages need all the help they can get, iPhone roadkill that they are:

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MacDailyNews Take: Nokia who?


      1. You and me and everybody else says “no-kia.” Only Nokia themselves says it that way.

        It’s kinda like (you’ll need to be old to get this) Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive. He pronounced his name as back-man, but everybody called the group “bach (like the composer) -man”.

        When asked about in an interview he said “I guess I’m Randy Back-man of Bachman Turner Overdrive.” So there you go.

        1. @mark

          No that is not true. In Europe it is not No-Kia, that is how the Americans say it. At least in Scandinavia it is “Nockia”. Nokia but with a very fast K sound.

    1. True. Even though Samsung is probably Nokia’s biggest competitor, yet they still felt the need to try and knock the iPhone. Samsung may sell more phones, but everyone in this industry still acknowledges that Apple is the gold standard to rate yourself against.

      1. I was going to say exactly that! iPhones aren’t then top phone? iPads losing market share rapidly? Yet all the ads target iPhones and iPads. That shows who the real threat actually is.

      1. As I said above, the “rule” allows #2 and below in a particular market segment to compare themselves to #1. In the Mac/Windows space, Mac is definitely not #1 in sales, so the ads were fine.

    1. However, quality of everyday photos is increasingly important.

      The problem Nokia has, however, is that iPhone 5S is to be released a month from now, and Lumia 925, despite being announced earlier, in practicality will not be available on most markets before iPhone 5S anyway.

      Thus Microsoft Nokia advertises its phone against almost year old device.

      Of course, even iPhone 5S will not be able to compete with 1.5 times heavier Lumia in quality of photos, however, I bet the quality difference, shown in this advertisement, will be dramatically decreased to the point where Nokia will not be able to show it any more.

      1. This is the same company that had an advertisement for shake reduction that was completely faked ( you could see the reflection of a cameraman with an HD cam in a window). I’m really going to trust these guys are doing their best to advertise honestly…

  1. It’s a good thing they’re building for quality not quantity, ‘cos they’re hardly selling any.
    Nobody buys a smartphone just for a better performing camera.

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