Microsoft’s beleaguered Nokia caught faking Lumia’s ‘PureView’ camera footage (with video)

“Amid Nokia’s flurry of press today — if you haven’t heard, they released a new flagship phone along with some other gear — one video advertisement in particular caught our eye,” T.C. Sottek reports for The Verge.

“In the ad, Nokia shows off the PureView’s image stabilization technology,” Sottek reports. “The opening segment (which, importantly, isn’t qualified by a ‘screen images simulated’ notice), shows a young man and woman cheerily riding bikes along a scenic river. As he films her breezily laughing, the ad shows side-by-side video — obviously intended to represent the phone’s video capabilities. On the left, Nokia shows the non-stabilized version, which, predictably, looks terrible, and on the right the ad shows the perfectly smooth capture, purportedly enabled by Nokia’s optical image stabilization technology.”

Sottek reports, “The only problem is that the video is faked.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: Daring Fireball. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “Dan K.,” and “Sarah” for the heads up.]


    1. With so much to lose for such a deception with these make it or break it Windows Phone models why would you take ANY chance?! It makes it seem these phones don’t hold up on their own. Just shows you the terrible decision making going on with CEO Elop a total Microflop. Fantastic boneheaded move! Just shoot yourself in the foot, hand, and head why doncha?

      1. They are launching the lie that benefits sales then banking on no one reading the articles that expose the lie.

        Bill Gates has done that repeatedly in interviews. Lied like crazy, because the initial interview is the big story, all future commentary exposing the lie are just smaller stories with minor exposure.

    2. Wow you talk about fanboys in denial… Did you read the responses? And I though 99% of the apple fans posting were more than polite. Dan, can you imagine if apple diid something like that????

      I think this confirms my assertion that MS has far more “blind devotion” from it’s fans that apple ever did. They are in total denial/equivocation mode (just like they are with the windows malware issue)

    1. I would prefer MDN to no longer post Flash video’s.

      Flash is dead. Or maybe it isn’t YET, because of some web designers embracing it even further, hoping that they will be paid a SECOND time to convert all that to HTML5 (when the inevitable happens, i.e., Flash support is dropped from all platforms, including Windows, Android, etc.).

      1. Second that. Seems like every time I run across a Flash video my Flash player needs updating, necessitating downloading, quitting Safari, installing, restarting Safari….

  1. Dan, why do you bother coming on here, other than as just another tedious little troll, writing crap just to provoke a response? Why don’t you hang around on the Nokia Lumia forums?
    Oh, wait…

    1. waaaaah! I was just trying to keep MDN, my favorite blog, civil and lighthearted. Let’s all be buds, OK? Not smug or angry. Just glad to have our shiny iDevices. Psyched for 9/12!!

    1. Fuck, dude. How is the vid “gay”? Grow up, and grow a set of balls, Ballmer’s Left Nut. When you have to stoop to sexual preference to make a point, you loose all credibility, man.

    2. Sez the dipshit who calls me a pinhead!
      I regard any comment from someone who’s username tells everyone they’re a testicle with little more than barely disguised contempt.

    3. BLN are you bipolar or do you just drop on and off meds? (including “self prescribed”)
      Sometimes you actually (partially anyway) make some sense then (like this one) you post something that a nine year old would be embarrassed of.

      Dude… get a grip.

    1. Remember : India is where all those “bloggers” that Scamdung flew to Berlin on one-way tickets came from. If “Gupta” doesn’t write nasty things about Scamdung competitors, he’ll have to find his own way home.

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            1. Gupta,
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              China on the other hand….

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    1. sigh. what has happened to people? take a big breath and consider your response before blitting it out and hitting Return. life is beautiful, you are beautiful. let your love for others express itself. really. not gay, not het, not troll. just listen, learn, love. Here: this will get your attention: Steve Jobs would want you to be nice.

      1. Dan, you’re a pussy. And as for Steve Jobs, he’s dead so why bring him up? You’re as bad as the fanboys who constantly bring him up. Steve Jobs was anything but a nice guy so he sure as hell wouldn’t care how you act. Or the rest of us. He’s dead let’s move on quit using him to make excuses for your stupidity. And yes, he would certainly call you a big pussy!

        1. GM, I know how to stick two words together and convey a sentiment. I think I made my case. I hope you have a way to let your bad feelings go and just enjoy living. I’m neither a hater nor a Pollyanna. I just like Apple products and at the root, I like seeing the creepy companies get their just desserts, like Nokia and Samsung, just like you. Only I don’t go all flamey and random.

    2. Sarcasm ON. Gupta, you are so clever. You do such honour to the English language. Your chastization of MDN standing for “Mad Dogs News” is degradation of the highest form. Priceless demonstration of intellect. What wit! How on earth were you able to think of such stinging rebuke so quickly. You must have been blessed by shiva himself. Sarcasm OFF.

  2. The really sad thing… The “image stabilization OFF” footage is probably ALSO fake and not taken with the Lumia (to better match the fake “stabilized” footage). So, the Lumia is not even good enough to take the bad footage. 🙂

        1. I have also noticed he has a, somewhat disquieting, fascination/obsession with incest.

          Perhaps thats normal where he is from.

          Personally I think he has proved himself a great spokesperson for the new Nokia/MSFT Lumina phones… A truly stunning and complete failure.

      1. Because I choose not to install Flash on my Mac, as it’s a piece of shit technology. As was pointed out by Steve Jobs (and as I have noticed my self) the number one cause of program crashes on the Mac is because of Flash.

        There is an HTML 5 version of the video but because of incompetence on the part of The Verge, the website doesn’t show it if you’re on a comp without the Flash plug-in installed.

    1. Yeah Gooooogle is really going out of their way to push flash They have recently found a way to disable YouTube5 (though, no doubt, Connor will find a way around that block)
      It is curious though, why is Goooooooogle pushing so hard for flash?

  3. SOP* – MS has a long history of faking images in product announcements. Oh, wait…
    The products and features are fake, too!

    *Standard Operating Procedure – for those outside the US

  4. Doesnt Apple do this type of stuff with their marketing?

    Clearly you remember them saying iPhone 4 was amazing and it turned out to be a lemon antenna design! LOL

    Testing my rear!

    1. joel, are you really that out of touch, it was a (failed) attempt to dampen the launch momentum of the iPhone 4.
      I had the 3G and the 4 and the antenna on the 4 was (is) considerably better than the 3G or my blackberry.

      Yes if oyu wrapped you hand completely around it and squeezed till it hurt you could get the signal strength to drop but that is true of any cell phone. (many videos demonstrating signal loss on various phones up on youtube)

      Wow… I knew you haters were pretty clueless but that is old old news.

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