Apple dominates mobile Web traffic with 65% share; iPhone 5, iPad mini expected to increase dominance

“Apple devices currently account for over half of all mobile web traffic in the U.S. and Canada, according to Chitika,” Alex Heath reports for Cult of Mac. “During August 2012, Apple’s share of web traffic on mobile devices grew from 63.75% to 65.03%. Samsung trails behind at a distant second place with a 12.47% share.”

“Google and Samsung are also growing when it comes to mobile web traffic, but Apple clearly dominates everyone else right now,” Heath reports. “The iPad mini will undoubtedly increase Apple’s share of web traffic, especially since the smaller tablet would be priced more competitively at the sub-$300 range.”

Heath reports, “Unsurprisingly, the soon-to-be-released iPhone 5 is expected to significantly boost Apple’s share of mobile web usage as well.”

Chitika Mobile Manufacturer Market Share, August 2012

Read more, and see more charts, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. What this really shows is that those who actually use a smartphone for things other than “traditional ” dumb phone activities like phone calls , use Apple mobile devices.

    That is why Google is scared shitless that an iPad Mini will suck any hope they had of holding on to any part of the mobile search market/ad revenue. Apple will introduce a new and improved Siri that works on previous mobile devices , a new iPad mini, maps etc…, google can kiss mobile ad revenue goodbye…. And that will hurt … Big time …, thermonuclear …, any one tied to google better beware of the fallout.

  2. Phone descriptors – smart vs feature – are too crude to be meaningful. Why not rate phone ‘smartness’ on a continuous scale, like human IQ (intelligence quotient)? Or better, rate each device AND it’s human interaction in actual practice. A more accurate, descriptive, and granular rating system to rate smart phones is needed. Any of our smart tech journalists up to the challenge?

  3. These stats are what I point people to whenever some Android user starts whining about how iOS gets all the good apps first. A market share lead doesn’t matter if Android owners aren’t actually using the smartphone features of the phone.


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