Unsurprisingly, survey says Apple’s iOS is highest priority among mobile developers

“Mobile ecosystems analyst firm, VisionMobile, today released its fourth Developer Economics report,” Rob LeFebvre reports for Cult of Mac.

“The 2013 report, sponsored by AT&T, Mozilla, and Nokia, looked at developer opinions, charting out which platforms have the highest mindshare among developers as well as which platforms make their devs the most money,” LeFebvre reports. “iOS leads the platform mindshare among developers, with 48 percent of them reporting it as their lead platform. Android and BlackBerry are next [with 44% and 38%, respectively].”

LeFebvre reports, “76 percent of the developers point to the iPad as the best monetization and development platform… the installed user base among surveyed devs is the same, across iOS and Android, but the development cost and learning curve in using iOS is lower. The Development environment, documentation, app discovery, and revenue potential is reported by the developers that use both platforms as better on iOS.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Screwy results. At 48%, iOS seems far too low (just under half of all developers don’t build for iOS first? Seriously? On what planet was this survey conducted? These results are simply not in sync with results from similar research; see related articles below) and BlackBerry is obviously much too high at 38%.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. I know a developer that works for one of the big game makers and they said that they make for IOS because they make money and they make almost no money on Android. Oh and who they hell would play a game on a Blackberry – isn’t their whole focus on business. I agree this survey is skewed.

  2. Conducted by AT&T, the company that instructed their workers to advise people to buy windows phones over iPhones? and Nokia, an apple competitor, and besides all that, they could not manipulate the data to show apple was not the higher of all?

  3. The conundrum going forward is this:

    Google is getting better at SW faster than Apple is getting better at web services.

    At some point those lines are going to cross.

    By now it is obvious that the courts are not going to allow Apple relief from the effects of theftware in the mobile space for whatever reasons.

  4. With surveys, there are three important aspects.

    How to select who to talk to

    Exactly what questions you ask

    Was anything else spoken about prior to asking the questions ?

    Most surveys don’t give much information about either of those issues and as a result, one survey can produce wildly different results from another survey which appears to be superficially similar.

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