“Your smartphone might say something about your credit-card spending,” Mary Pilon reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Users of Apple’s iPhone spend significantly more on their credit cards than Blackberry, Windows Mobile or Android users, according to data from Pageonce Inc., a financial account aggregator,” Pilon reports. “The average monthly credit card bill was $6,872 for iPhone users, compared to $5,693 for BlackBerry users, $5,330 for Android users and $5,076 for Windows Mobile. The study looked at 275,000 randomly selected accounts from Pageonce Inc. from October 1 to November 1, 2010. The credit card bill reflects new charges from that month, not the revolving balance carried over from month to month.”

Pilon reports, “Previous research from Nielsen Co. has highlighted that iPhone users on average have been an older and wealthier demographic, which could account for higher credit-card spending.”

MacDailyNews Note: Actually, a Forrester study found that iPhone users are younger. 30% of iPhone users in 2008 were of Generation Y, a larger portion than the rest of the smartphone market. iPhone users are more educated and affluent: 49% of iPhone users have a college education and 67% earn more than $70,000 a year.

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MacDailyNews Take: Like Mac users, iPhone users are also smarter: They don’t settle for inferior knockoffs.