“It’s been a little over four years since the first Android phone went on sale. Despite Apple’s one-year lead, devices running Google’s mobile operating system now regularly beat Apple’s iPhone in sales figures,” Owen Thomas writes for The Business Insider.

“But when it comes to what people actually do with those phones, studies show an unintuitive result: iOS users simply use their devices more,” Thomas writes. “They surf the Web more. They buy more apps, and developers write more apps for them. They generate more advertising revenue per person. They spend more on e-commerce sites. They even watch more video, which must be frustrating for Google, considering that it owns YouTube and has heavily backed Android in part to contest Apple’s mobile hegemony. Apple’s mobile devices—iPhones, iPads, and iPods—accounted for 60 percent of non-PC video views in the third quarter, according to FreeWheel. Android devices had 30 percent.”

Thomas writes, “Content purchasing is one thing. [But] the gap in content consumption—especially the free, advertising-supported kind, where Google thrives—is more worrisome. That speaks to some ineffable human factor that Google’s algorithms, for all their mechanistic glory, just can’t get right.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If the only goal was to move handset units, Android’s “winning.” Giving away free phones by the boatload accomplishes nothing, however, when all it results in is second-class status among developers and advertisers, a markedly lower online presence than iOS, and, perhaps most importantly, in a mere sliver of the available profit share which, of course, Apple utterly dominates (See: Apple utterly dominates mobile device market with 6% market share – and 77% of the profits).

After years of knocking off Apple’s patented innovations, all that the so-called geniuses at Google have succeeded in accomplishing is cobbling together the worst collection of cheapskates and/or tech illiterates the world has ever seen this side of Windows PC sufferers.

Just like Mac users, iOS users are the cream of the crop.

So, what was your ultimate goal, Google, selling targeted ads for check cashing outfits, cigarettes, food stamps, and Hee Haw on VHS?

Congrats on your market share “win,” dummies!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JES42″ for the heads up.]

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