“For companies trying to convince customers that mobile payments are a viable alternative to traditional payment options such as cash and credit cards, the iPhone could be key,” Darrell Etherington reports for GigaOM.

“A new U.K. study released on Monday by British research and consulting firm YouGov reveals that among mobile device users, iPhone owners are most open to the prospect of paying with their devices, as well as using their phones for all kinds of mobile banking activities,” Etherington reports. “U.K. adults in general displayed little willingness to jump on the mobile payments bandwagon, according to the YouGov survey, which was commissioned by digital banking company Intelligent Environments.”

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Etherington reports, “Of those surveyed, 21 percent would pay bills through a mobile device; 25 percent would transfer funds; 36 percent would check their bank account balances; 17 percent would pay other people for goods and services (like you can already do using Square in the U.S.); and 13 percent would make contactless payments (via near field communication, or NFC, for example)… Users of Apple iPhones showed much higher interest in all areas, however. Almost half – at 46 percent — indicated they would pay bills using their devices; 62 percent would transfer funds; 69 percent would check account balances; 45 percent would make payments to other people; and 31 percent would make contactless payments.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader "Dan K." for the heads up.]

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