iPad beats out PCs, smartphones as favorite device for reading and writing email

Perion, developer of the “IncrediMail” email client, unveiled today the results of a recent survey it conducted amongst 4,400 US iPad users about the way they use email on the iPad. The survey was conducted online in the second half of 2012 among 4,400 adults aged 18 plus, of which 66 percent were women.

The most dramatic result of the survey shows that for a majority of users, the iPad is now their favorite device to read and write email, beating out PCs and smartphones by a wide margin. Ninety percent of respondents said that using email on the iPad was either very or extremely important with two-thirds checking email on their iPad more than three times a day.

This result mirrors a growing trend showing that tablets are quickly becoming the most used, and most loved computing device amongst their owners with one in four adult Americans owning such a device. The result is even more staggering when considering the simple nature of today’s email clients on the iPad, most of which are simple copies of their desktop counterparts. Reflecting these limitations, only 41 percent of those surveyed are extremely satisfied with the email apps they are using – uncharacteristically low for iPad users who are usually passionate about their devices.

Perion believes the study is one of the most comprehensive yet published, focusing on the way people use email on the iPad. Other studies have looked at general iPad usage, but none have taken a deep look into how and why people use email on the iPad. Other key findings of the study show:

• For Your Viewing Pleasure – 97 percent of iPad users read email on their device but two-thirds send only a few quick replies, if any. Only 31 percent read and send all their email from their iPad.

• Women Use It Differently – Women showed stronger satisfaction with using their iPads for reading email and are also more likely to send email compared to men. Additionally, women are more likely to use their iPads for only personal email at 68 percent while 52 percent of men send business email as well.

• Apple Mail Favorite App – Apple Mail is the favorite app for users at 41 percent followed by Gmail at 31 percent and Hotmail at 13 percent. Eighteen percent of users open web browsers and access webmail rather than using an app.

• Most Popular Device for Email – iPad is clearly the preferred device on which to read and write email.
– The most preferred device for reading email is the Tablet (55%) followed by the PC/Mac (32%) and Mobile Phone (10%)
– The most preferred device for writing email is the Tablet (48%) followed by the PC/Mac (41%) and Mobile Phone (9%)

• More than leisure – While 60 percent of respondents said they used the iPad just for personal email, 38 percent used the iPad for both personal and work email debunking the idea that the iPad was a purely leisure product.

“With our extensive experience creating amazing email clients for our users, we understand just how important email is to people and how much they rely on it as a communication tool in their lives,” said Ron Harari, General Manager, Communication Products Division at Perion, in a statement. “This is why we are so interested by the results of this survey. Email has been heavily used on the iPad since its launch but on a closer examination of usage and attitudes, different usage patterns appear. Clearly, the device is popular but the market is still looking for the right email app.”

Source: Perion Network, Ltd.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. PC’s will largely be the purvey of enterprise (what’s left after Mac’s take their steadily increasing share) and some other specialized uses. Why would you beat yourself up on Windows Wait when an iPad fires up instantly almost anywhere and you’re online doing what you want to do most? The uses that propped up Windows for consumers for so long are steadily being kicked out from under them, resulting in teetering and crashing market share.

  2. On my Mac I use Postbox and think it far better than Apple’s Mail app.

    On iOS I am not impressed with Apple mail and would like to see something better. iOS Mail does not even handle iCloud mail properly.

    1. Who gives a shit what you think? All over the world people are using Mail across all their Apple devices without any problems whatsoever and you pile in with these unsubstantiated, baseless, empty headed, prejudiced, egomaniacal observations. You? Your opinions? Pfft!

        1. AP: I happen to regard your comments and opinions as worthy of reading. Fundamentalist lost me at his fourth word. There is a big difference in intelligently writing one’s thoughts about a topic, and spouting off insults, vulgarities, and downright hate in making an ad hominem attack.

          IOW – stick around and keep writing. Your response has led me to investigate Postbox. Thanks.

  3. Mailbox is coming out with a very promising and very useful fully-featured mail/todo combo app. I’m excited to try it, as no other client seems to have it all for users like me.

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