Microsoft exec blasts Apple’s iPad mini as ‘seven-inch recreational tablet for $329’

“With Windows 8, Steven Sinofsky said that Microsoft and its PC-making partners have found a way to deliver modern computing at a price far less than that fruit-named competitor,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“He notes that there are full-featured Windows 8 laptops that sell for $279,” Fried reports. “‘It’s $279,’ he said, ‘Here we are, talking about seven-inch recreational tablets for $329.’ As for the Windows RT variant, which uses more power-conscious ARM-based processors, but can’t run older programs, Sinofsky said it will hold a lot of appeal. ‘It really is a PC for everyone,’ he said.”

“He said, while an iPad might be good for a short trip, a device like Microsoft’s Surface can suffice even on a long business trip,” Fried reports. “Apple CEO Tim Cook took his own shots at Microsoft on Thursday, suggesting that Surface makes too many compromises in trying to serve as both PC and tablet. ‘You could design a car that flies and floats,’ Cook said on Apple’s earnings conference call, ‘but I don’t think it would do either of those things very well.'”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Steven Sinofsky
Steven Sinofsky
The Great GazooDear Great Gazoo: iPad mini’s 7.9-inch display — not “7-inch,” you liar — gives users 35% more screen real estate than 7-inch tablets and up to 67% more usable viewing area for Web browsing.

And, we’ll see what sells and what doesn’t.

BTW: Nice reviews, cueball.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]

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        1. Nice turn of phrase.

          (I intended to say “more than one BALD clown”. I got to thinking…aren’t all circus clowns bald, anyway? And does anyone over the age of 2 still think of clowns as humorous, instead of what they have become, in our twisted contemporary culture—sinister symbols of the deranged and obsessive stalkers, intruders, and psychopaths among us? Or have I been watching too many Batman movies?)

  1. Yeah – A long trip off a short pier…. I’d like to see how you use a Surface® on an airplane – no way you can prop that thing with the keyboard on a tray table and certainly not on your lap.

  2. Remember, this is the same dude who just had a massive fail demo’ing his Surface tablet on stage when that darned thing just froze into a paper weight.. Watching him unsuccessfully tap and swipe then tiptoe to grab his back up Surface on the table was painfully hilarious!

  3. Steven Sinofsky forgot to mention that those “full-featured Windows 8 laptops that sell for $279” are pieces of total garbage that nobody wants. They’re only $279 for a reason.

    He also forgot to mention that nobody wants to use fully featured Windows on a tablet, so that’s not exactly selling point for the Surface. Does Sinofsky think that people will magically want it after about TWELVE SOLID YEARS of abjectly rejecting the whole concept of it?

    The only thing Surface has going for it is Metro and… Wait, the failure of Windows Phone proved that nobody wants Metro either.

    Okay, the Surface has got nothing.

    1. Have you seen some of those laptops that you can remove the keyboard from? I guess the laws of physics don’t apply – you put the heavy parts behind the screen and have a light keyboard on the desk – I guess you can’t tilt the screen too far back or it will fall over.

    2. … dear departed leader who said that 7″ is “too small”? And 7.9″ may be bigger, but hardly enough to deny that remark.
      I believe Jobs may have been correct. I also believe a 7″ tablet could be “too small” yet still offer good value to some users.
      Just because MSFT is admitting error does not mean the sheep will revolt. That is not their nature.

  4. Well yeah, it doesn’t even have a proper keyboard, so it not like ya know, a good email machine. Sure, it will sell a few, but mostly just a rounding error. Apple may have the lead in colors, but Ballmer thinks they can overcome that.

  5. How did that iPhone funeral work out for Microsoft? Anyone even remember that?

    Its the same thing with Surface, rinse and repeat. They will never understand how to make a good product with thinking like this.

      1. it really seems that whole iPhone funeral was just swept under the rug.. So ballsy to put on such a big show, fail, and just be like “move along… nothing to see”

    1. “Never” understand: so right. Because that “rinse and repeat” algorithm on the shampoo bottle lacks a stop—it’s an infinite loop. No wonder Ballmer and Sinofski are bald.

  6. NO. It’s essentially the SAME iPad as iPad 2, with a screen that shows the exact same content, running the exact same software with equal performance.

    At less the HALF the weight.

    And a $70 discount.

  7. It’s a well known fact that consumers will not spend money on recreation.

    Surface is made for serious business. For work. No smiling. Furrowed brow and concentration only. Surface is the anti-recreactional device. It’s a selling point. I mean, it has outlook, why buy anything else?

  8. That $279 laptop won’t have a touch-enabled screen (one of Win 8’s main feature points) and will run with less life than President Obama in the first debate.

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