“The war isn’t over, but the major battles have been fought, the handwriting is on the wall, the obituaries are being written,” Kate MacKenzie writes for PixoBebo. “When it comes to mobile computing, Apple is crushing Microsoft to death.”

“Apple’s iPod paved the way for mobile computing devices that have all but swept desktop and notebook PCs into the history books, and rendered Microsoft not a sleeping giant, but an old, feeble, comatose giant; a bloated relic of a bygone era,” MacKenzie writes. “Apple protected the iPod’s well earned perch atop portable media players by launching an even better product– the iPhone. Apple’s success caught all major makers by surprise and quickly drove desktop and notebook computing to the pocket. The ultimate personal computer is the one that fits into the hand, browses the internet, checks on email, and features a plethora of apps… [Then] Apple extended the iPhone’s success by redefining the tablet segment of mobile computing with the iPad.”

MacKenzie writes, “Microsoft was caught flat footed and has yet to recover… When it comes to mobile computing, Apple owns the lion’s share of revenue and profits. No other manufacturer is close, and Microsoft is far, far down the list.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Not bad for the “cute, little tiny niche guy,” eh, Balmy?