“For ten long years Microsoft tried to get us to use their desktop operating system on a tablet device,” John Kirk writes for TechPinions. “What we really wanted, they told us, was the brain of a desktop in the body of a tablet. Didn’t work.”

“In 2007, Apple introduced us to the first modern tablet to use touch – and only touch – as the user input. They called it the iPhone. Three years later, Apple introduced us to the iPad, and while the tech world sat on its collective hands, Apple proved that size really does matter – at least when it come to tablets,” Kirk writes. “Now here we are just over two years later and what is Microsoft telling us with the introduction of the Surface Tablet?”

“They’re telling us that what we really want is a keyboard so that our tablet can be used more like a notebook computer. What we really want is a pen so that our tablet can be used like a PDA. What we really want is a kickstand so that our tablet can stand more like a notebook computer,” Kirk writes. “What we really want is a trackpad so our tablet can BE a notebook computer. (A trackpad on a tablet computer? Really? Just think about how redundant that is.)”

Kirk writes, “Do you think for even one second that Apple – who had a two year head start on Microsoft – could not have added a kickstand, added an integrated pen or added an integrated keyboard to the iPad? Apple did not neglect to do those things… they CHOSE not to do those things.”

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