“Microsoft’s Surface RT has a better display than does the iPad — that’s the case being made by one of the tech gurus behind the new tablet,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET. “At a Reddit IamA held yesterday, Microsoft engineers who worked on Surface answered questions about the tablet. One question asked how users might consider Surface versus the iPad in light of their different screen resolutions. Surface for Windows RT offers a resolution of 1366×768 while the current iPad delivers a resolution of 2048×1536.”

Whitney reports, “Microsoft’s Steven Bathiche quickly chimed in to address that issue… ‘The amount of light in a room and the reflections off the screen have a huge effect on the contrast of the display,’ Bathiche said. ‘In fact, a small amount of reflection can greatly reduce contrast and thus the perceived resolution of the display. With the ClearType Display technology we took a 3 pronged approach to maximize that perceived resolution and optimize for battery life, weight, and thickness.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Cough*bullshit*cough.

Whitney reports, “However, another person challenged Bathiche, asking why Microsoft opted for a higher resolution in the Windows Pro version of Surface. Here, Bathiche seemed to struggle for an answer, saying that perhaps Microsoft wasn’t as concerned about preserving battery power.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft’s ability to fsck up their PR by making idiotic claims is exceeded only by their ability to suck.

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