Samsung vows to strike back against Apple

“Samsung Electronics is moving to fight back against Apple by strengthening its partnerships with American mobile carriers to develop new technologies to get away from the U.S. firm’s claims on design,” Kim Yoo-chul reports for The Korea Times. “The world’s biggest smartphone maker is in talks with major telecom carriers on Apple’s home-turf such as Verizon Wireless about modified designs in Samsung Galaxy devices. It is also closely partnering with Microsoft (MS) to cut its dependency on Google Android, according to officials Wednesday.”

“On the legal front, its lawyers are making preparations to counter nearly every patent issue which nine jurors found in favor of Apple,” Yoo-chul reports. “Officials said Samsung has been preparing ‘all measures for all scenarios’ to fight Apple in 50 patent disputes in 10 different countries.”

Yoo-chul reports, “Earlier, Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee granted full authority to Vice Chairman Choi Gee-sung to take charge of one of the biggest technology patent disputes in history… Lee was briefed about the details of the verdict by Choi, Tuesday. ‘The chairman calmed down and slightly closed his eyes after he was briefed. But he didn’t say anything further,’ another executive said. Choi, who is also the head of Samsung’s strategic planning office, wasn’t available for comment… Samsung confirmed that it will immediately sue Apple if the latter releases products using advanced long-term evolution (LTE) mobile technology. LTE has been emerging as the top standard in the global mobile industry.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’re going to rattle your sabers, Samsung, it helps to have sabers to rattle. Utility patents aren’t going to cut it, slavish copier. FRAND.

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      1. Remind me again how Apple did an EXACT copy of the Xerox GUI look, feel & design?

        Oh, that’s didn’t look ANYTHING like what the MACOS turned out to be. Light years difference. and if I’m not mistaken, didn’t Jobs get a license/permission to use certain concepts?

        There is clearly a GULF of difference between a company (Apple) developing/improving upon a broad undeveloped concept (GUI–not even then yet on the mass market, much less on the radar of mass consumer consciousness) and outright STEALING of ideas (SAMSUNG+++) from a competitor who IS creating/innovating features & clearly leading the market w/ those features.

        Samsung basically took and iphone and COPIED it. Feature for feature. Element for element. Icon for icon. A sh@tty copy, granted, but nonetheless a copy..

        So no equivalency points here, Bat. In Korea & China the ‘swaping stealing borrowing’ of ideas & design is commonplace & accepted to the point of ridiculousness.

  1. Weren’t LTE & other standard essential patents already deemed exhausted w/ the chipmaker’s license when sold to the product manufacture. Someone please tell me how Samsung can continue to double dip on FRAND/SE licenses?

    1. i think there is custom software to write especially for VZW and Sprint to fall back to CDMA if no LTE.

      and i read when the original droid first came out google/moto had to write a lot of networking code to get android to work with CDMA that was outside the work of the radio chip

    2. You are not considering that this is largely about media perception and PR. Samsung can take advantage of the sad truth that most of today’s bloggers and media just repost whatever they see and do not have any knowledge or ability to analyze any of these statements, let alone the underlying technology and patens, on the merits.

      So Samsung can generally get away with just making statements in the media in order to affect the financial markets, because most investors, even professional, just go by what they see reported in the media.

      In the end, they CAN’T double dip on FRAND licenses, but that is irrelevant for what Samsung is trying to achieve right now by making these statements.

  2. So, Samsung blatantly copies Apple and rips off their products. Apple defends their design and utility patents in court and gets a successful verdict against the copying.
    Now Samsung is going to “strike back”?! What are they going to strike back from? They were the one who started the flagrant copying in the first place!

    I hate to say it, but Samsung is giving me a bad taste for ALL South Korean companies. I knew they all basically made knock-off products, but the shenanigans that Samsung is pulling are really turning me off to any of it.

    1. The Shamstung CEO is angry only at getting caught and his subordinates failing to stave off the Apple response and subsequent bad PR and stock hit. There is no morality at Samsung or high class standards, only profits obtained at any price. The “anger” is fake or faux outrage as if they have been wronged, when in reality they are been “righted” and called to the carpet for blatant infringement. Sadly they do not appear to understand the message. Apple is just another company to them to steamroll over in their ruthless way, but Apple is not to be trifled with and that scares them. Samsung products are on a permanent S**t List in our household. I don’t do business with companies so blatantly evil.

  3. Why don’t the dumb asses use the freaking money they will spend in a lawsuit to go do something really innovative? They are just supporting further one stereotype of Koreans by trying to act like tough, gang like Asian thugs who lack a moral compass. Disgusting.

    1. It takes time and costs a heck of a lot more money to be innovative than to rip off other companies like Apple.

      Also, Samsung has been ripping off others for so long, they do not have a clue *how* to be innovative. They are really terrible at it.

    2. Because if Samsung tries to innovate something, no one would buy it. They learned a long time ago that the best way to get people to buy something is to copy from the best.

  4. “LTE” falls under FRAND so how in the hell do they think they can sue Apple, or anyone for that matter.

    I’m really getting tired of all the B.S Samsung and thier representative spew, they can’t do a thing but only yell loud and hope it scares.

    Apple is the First company to knock Samsung down to the ground and now we see the corrupt nature of Samsumg as they have no idea how to react, the Bully got knock down and shown to be at fault and they have no idea how to react other then to yell meaningless nonsence that wont hold up in court.

    “just Purchased a New TV and went for a LG, Samsung will never grace my home again”.

    And really only one thing to say to Samsung – “Pound Sand”!

  5. So Samsung is going to strike back by doing exactly what Apple is forcing them to do? More like Samsung is doing their whipped puppy impersonation.

    Samsung is:

    Abandoning Android and moving to MS? Good!

    Changing the hardware and software to meet Verizon’s demands? Good!

    Threatening to sue if Apple adopts the LTE, standard essential, FRAND patent? Good, with no legal leg to stand on they’ll get their butts kicked again!

    Samsung is so screwed!

    1. And a screwed Samsung is a very good thing indeed. All their bluff and bluster will get them nothing in the end. They just don’t know how to take the high road and if they had any class they’d be doing that instead of fighting their own cluelessness.

    2. LTE might fall under FRAND, but only if Apple actually pays for it. If they just implement it without paying any license fee at all, they will get sued, and they will lose.

      The interesting question is if Apple can actually license the necessary stuff from someone else (sublicense?) rather than Samsung directly.

      1. It’s customary to adopt FRAND technology and settle on the royalties later. Let Samsung sue, all they’ll get is the standard royalty that Apple would have paid had they been able to deal reasonably (the R in FRAND) with Samsung from the beginning. Samsung has been holding out on their FRAND patents trying to gouge exorbitant fees from Apple based on Apple’s pricing and success. This is in violation of the law. As Br’er Rabbit said, “Don’t throw me in that there briar patch!”

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