“After winning US$1.05bn in damages in its court battle against Samsung, Apple still believes Google’s Android smartphone OS infringes on iOS patents and Google may be next,” John Kennedy writes for Siliconrepublic.

“I suspect that one by one Apple will pursue enough manufacturers who have built business models on Google’s Android OS and clutch enough legal victories that it will have ensured enough precedents are set so it will have a watertight case when it eventually takes on Google,” Kennedy writes. “In its closing arguments during last week’s trial Apple pointed out that Steve Jobs changed the world with the iPhone in 2007. It was an interesting point when you consider smartphones (if they could have been called that then) were a pale imitation of what they are today. Even the notion of full screen touch devices was derisible up until that point. Apple were right, he did change everything.”

Kennedy writes, “The Samsung case is not going to be an end to the patent wars. This is only the beginning. Apple has gone thermonuclear.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.MacDailyNews Take, March 9, 2010

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