After Apple’s thermonuclear victory over Samsung, Google may be next

“After winning US$1.05bn in damages in its court battle against Samsung, Apple still believes Google’s Android smartphone OS infringes on iOS patents and Google may be next,” John Kennedy writes for Siliconrepublic.

“I suspect that one by one Apple will pursue enough manufacturers who have built business models on Google’s Android OS and clutch enough legal victories that it will have ensured enough precedents are set so it will have a watertight case when it eventually takes on Google,” Kennedy writes. “In its closing arguments during last week’s trial Apple pointed out that Steve Jobs changed the world with the iPhone in 2007. It was an interesting point when you consider smartphones (if they could have been called that then) were a pale imitation of what they are today. Even the notion of full screen touch devices was derisible up until that point. Apple were right, he did change everything.”

Kennedy writes, “The Samsung case is not going to be an end to the patent wars. This is only the beginning. Apple has gone thermonuclear.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.MacDailyNews Take, March 9, 2010

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    1. I sure hope so. But the only thing Apple could get from Google is damages, not injunction. I can’t imagine them getting damages that are meaningful. :-/

      1. Just as Google weaseled out of the Oracle lawsuit, I can see them getting away without paying a cent to Apple. Certainly the courts would never all Apple to kill off Android because they’d say it would bring too much harm to companies and consumers.

        It would be nice if Apple could grab a percentage of cash for every Android device ever made although I know that’s merely wishful thinking. I’m not asking for Android to be destroyed but I’d definitely like to see its market share drop about 10%.

  1. I was truly surprised by the verdict that supported Apple’s statements on infringement. I believe this will propel innovation again or if there was truly any from the phone producers in the first place. Going forward, I hope Apple will make the same progress against Google. They need to change and work hard on design with Google’s own look and feel. Look at there OS now and get the junk out, create a better flow, and decease the fragmentation that is the hallmark of Android. If they can get this done without copying Apple, then they will deserve to be a legimate competor to Apple. For now, they are just common thieves with an immeasurable debt to Steve Jobs and his company.

    1. Good artists copy and great artist’s steal. Steve Jobs and frankly words that are supported by every CEO in the world! Need not worry until you get caught and when you do pay the fine and move on.

    1. Do we really want the line up for new Apple products to be even longer (not that true Apple haters would ever buy)? I think Android should just be trimmed to an non infringing OS, and let whoever wants to buy inferior discount smartphones to do so.

  2. Did you see the clueless news interviews with the “facts be damned” Koreans about their beloved cradle to death Samsung calling the jury’s pro Apple verdict just an example of U.S. nationalism? They get their hand in the cookie jar and then try to redefine what a hand and cookie jar is. It’s really simple, you hold up a Windows Phone, RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone and Samsung phone and ask which two look and act most alike, and then which came first. I love all the disingenuous and self-serving “Nathan Thurming” going on and the spin that can give you any conclusion you desire, based more on stretched fantasy than reality.

    People need to send a clear message to Samsung their behavior will not be tolerated and boycott EVERYTHING they make starting yesterday and today. I now I sure have.

  3. This is a country that would have done anything to stop the iPhone from being sold in S. Korea. The government wants to protect their own businesses which is somewhat understandable. I don’t believe S. Korean citizens feel the same way as the government. S.K. consumers love imports. But just remember, our own country’s industry basically got destroyed by allowing imports.

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