“I spent some time on the weekend digesting the results and implications of the verdict [from] the Apple and Samsung patent trial,” Ben Bajarin writes for TechPinions. “I watched my Twitter stream flow continuously with many remarking on the negatives of the verdict and many remarking on the positives. I am yet to see a convincing analysis one way or another as to whether the win for Apple is good or bad, which leaves me thinking that only time will reveal the answer.”

“So rather than dive too deep on whether the verdict is good or bad for the industry, I would rather make a different observation,” Bajarin writes. “It is easier to follow than lead.”

Bajarin writes, “The one thing that I think is interesting about Apple as a company is that under the vision of Steve Jobs in particular, their culture and their products have ALWAYS had a unique identity. Even if a particular concept or idea was ‘borrowed’ it was done so in a way uniquely and freshly with a specific vision in mind.”

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