“When news broke that Apple would sue Samsung for $2.5 billion over patent and design issues, I was stunned — not because Apple was suing Samsung, but because the amount in damages it was suing for was so low,” Tim Bajarin writes for PC Magazine. “Yes, Apple believes that Samsung did indeed violate its patents and copy the designs of the iPhone, but Apple is also using the trial to send the message to its competitors that… it will go to great lengths to protect its intellectual property. Ultimately, this trial is really about seeking revenge on Google. It believes Google stabbed it in the back with Android and, as Steve Jobs told biographer Walter Isaacson, it will launch a ‘thermonuclear war’ over Google’s Android mobile OS.”

Bajarin writes, “To understand Jobs’ anger with Google, you must grasp one very important thing from Apple’s past. When Apple was developing the iPhone, Google CEO Eric Schmidt sat on Apple’s board of directors. There is no question in my mind that he went to school on smartphones and their operating systems and I would not be surprised if he used that information to help Google guide its own efforts in this area. I’m astounded that Schmidt did not alert Apple that Google was working on a competing product the moment Larry Page and his team started to negotiate with Andy Rubin to buy Android. Instead, he merely asked to be recused from board meetings where the iPhone was being discussed, long after Google had announced Android. He left the board completely only after investors questioned how he could be on the board with a competing product in the works… In a sense, Samsung is kind of serving as the whipping boy for Apple’s Android anger.”

“I also believe… that this suit has tainted the previously good relationship between Apple and Samsung, [one of ]its component supplier[s],” Bajarin writes. “I have already heard that Apple is going to other sources for future components and I believe that Apple could eventually drop Samsung as a supplier altogether.”

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