The 10 best features of Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion

Apple’s new OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion “brings more than 200 new features to boost the way you use your Mac. Making use of iCloud, Mountain Lion claims to make it easier than ever to keep all of your media, documents and important information in one place and, as a result, available across all of your devices. It also adds deep integration with Facebook and Twitter, turning your Mac into a highly sociable machine,” Ben Harvell writes for MacFormat via TechRadar.

“The gradual merging of iOS and OS X features continues with the arrival of Messages, Reminders, Notifications and Dictation in Mountain Lion – the aim being to make switching between any of your Apple devices as seamless as possible,” Harvell writes. “But do you need these new bells and whistles or should you be content with what you’ve got? We weigh up the new features as well as the upgrade considerations in order to provide you with an answer.”

The 10 best features of Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion:
1. Social integration
2. Game Center for Mac
3. Improved Notifications
4. AirPlay
5. Messages
6. Notes and Reminders
7. Dictation on the Mac
8. Power Nap
9. Better security (Gatekeeper)
10. Safari 6

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  1. None of these bullshit “features” are worth the thousands of $ it would cost me to replace my Rosetta dependent apps and I’d like to continue using Save As without having to fight my operating system.

          1. Fujifilm’s Hyper Utility RAW software for their professional digital SLR’s is Rosetta only. I can’t give up that software so I am stuck on Snow Leopard for at least 2-3 more years.

            Really sucks.

            1. You’re not missing anything unless you’re a gamer, generation X or Y socialite, or like software that apparently had no quality assurance provisions in place.

      1. … list. I’m confident that ML is in several (many?) ways better than M and SL, but “better security” – doesn’t EVERY Mac have “better security”? – is the only one I’d bother upgrading for. So … maybe I won’t?
        Not whining. Just stating the facts. Accepting the “penalty”. That “Save As” feature out-weighs all that froth listed above.

      1. Notifications and reminders do NOT work great. How about a stupid notification that can only be blindly snoozed with no options for customized delays? If I want my notification to come back in one hour or two hours, instead of popping up constantly like a barking chihuahua, ML doesn’t offer that. It’s worse than before in this regard.

      2. You seem to have missed how those Rosetta apps worked great for 10% of the 21st Century.

        In many, smaller fields, app developers do software development as a sideline to their real work. They don’t have the inclination, time, or other resources to produce updates for every OS change.

  2. I just love how ML quits my app after closing the last window.


    Never mind it takes forever to open the apps like Photoshop.

    1. ML doesn’t quit apps after closing the last window any differently than other version of OS X. Tested with Mail, Safari, Skype, Logic, iTunes, Calendar, Messages.

      There are a few apps that close when you click the red button — Contacts and iPhoto being two of them. iPhoto has always been this way. I don’t spend enough time in contacts to know whether or not it’s always been this way.

  3. It’s interesting how Apple uses the name “GateKeeper” for their new security in 10.8. That was the name of the Rogue software in the movie “The Net” Most of the movie used Macs and the final scene was shot at Mac World Expo -RC

  4. I like best the new RENAME and MOVE features in Pages and Numbers. No idea if there is any other software supporting this new feature, but as a daily user of both programs this is a real great idea to do this from right inside the app. By the way, today I showed an Excel fanboy the capabilities of Numbers, he was really frustrated about Excel. He still uses Windows, so he has a long way to go to convince his boss.

  5. These are his top features? Talk about UNDERWHELMING. I am a productivity user and I am sticking with 10.6.8 since there is almost nothing here that improves productivity whatsoever, and a lot of annoying crap that very negatively impacts it.

    1. Social integration – NOT desirable to productive computer users, especially those with clients who don’t really want you blabbing about what you’re doing every second of the day, and certainly not desired by employers who expect his people to get work done. Represents undesired OS bloat that should be offered as separate applications, not OS integration.

    2. Game Center for Mac: see #1

    3. Improved Notifications – meh. mostly distractions that could be better handled without work interruption

    4. AirPlay – nice concept. no need to use it on a work machine.

    5. Messages – see #1

    6. Notes and Reminders – small improvement for some people, i guess.

    7. Dictation on the Mac – now we’re getting somewhere.

    8. Power Nap – not a good idea in my opinion. Watch for the flood of complaints of people demanding better battery life.

    9. Better security (Gatekeeper) – how much better? Seems like just another way to remind people not to fall for social engineering crap, which of course people will still do anyway. Didn’t MS already do this with Vista?

    10. Safari 6 – long overdue update. Not sure it was worth the wait. Firefox seems to be better for us.

  6. That list is a total yawn. Now that Lion’s fairly stable, I’ll stick to the Lion. Lion was a good upgrade – full disk encryption, iCloud sync for Calendar and Address Book. That’s really about it for me. Nothing in Mountain Lion interests me, and that so called top 10 list just confirms I should just stick with Lion, particularly since my old iMac can’t use ML anyway, so I prefer to keep my MBA and MBP on the same OS as the iMac.

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