Fox News’ Susan Estrich concedes representing Samsung without license to practice in court’s jurisdiction

“I was first to identify Susan Estrich, a law professor and TV celebrity, as the Samsung lawyer about whose lack of a notice of appearance and, more importantly, admission to the Northern District of California bar, Judge Grewal respectfully asked questions,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS patents.

“Meanwhile, Ms. Estrich has confessed that the court records were correct and the mistake was on her part: she thought she had an admission to the relevant district from a while back, but didn’t. But after the court’s questions, she ‘immediately applied for and ha[s] been admitted to practice before the District Court of the Northern District of California, and [has] filed an appearance in this case,’ Mueller reports. “Now her first priorty is for ‘the Court not [to] hold these inadvertent omissions on [her] part against the merits of [her] client’s case.'”

Mueller reports, “Ideally, she’d like the court to ‘determine this matter as concluded’ since she’s meanwhile made up for her oversights. While I’m sure that the court will take into consideration that Ms. Estrich was able to get her Northern District of California bar admission in no time, there are three reasons why the court may still want to sanction not only Ms. Estrich but also Samsung”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not only doesn’t Samsung have a leg to stand on, they can’t even get bona fide lawyers to represent them!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Jeff A.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Susan Estrich does not belong to Fox News. She is merely an occasional guest on opinion shows due to her position as Presidential Campaign Manager to Dukakis in (’84?).

  2. If she is as good a lawyer as she was a campaign manager for Dukakis, then shhhhhh. Let us not make an issue of her first error, but wish her well in her representation of Samsung and hope she errs many more times!

    Samsung, you get what you get!

  3. At what point do Samsung’s individual “inadvertent omissions” and comissions, coalesce into the sum of their parts, requiring appropriate and timely sanctions by the court?

  4. I say let her work for Samsung. Her voice is the most incredibly annoying and whiny thing you’ve ever heard and would have to endure for any length of time as a juror. She’d single-handedly cause the jury to award the win to Apple.

  5. Yet another FSCK-up by Samsung.

    They intentionally ignore the rules of law, and importance of specifics when they do their work. Why should be we surprised they did it with their lawyers?

    Outside our expectations, this should be something the jury should be alerted to, and add to the information they discuss when determining the awards they will be giving to Apple against Samsung, as they try to skirt Apple’s IP.

  6. Wait a second: a LAW PROFESSOR wasn’t aware of where she’s licensed to practice? I know several, and these people are NOT dumb… guess there are exceptions to every rule.

  7. I wish I could pull a Fux News joke here.
    But the real joke is Samsung.
    THIS is the quality of lawyer you hire to represent you? OMFG you are soooo screwed!
    Stop hitting yourself!
    Stop hitting yourself!
    Stop hitting yourself!
    . . .

    1. It’s Fox News, you jerk. Stop being a liberal twit and calling it something else. You have your NYT, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS news outlets all in your pocket. One conservative voice out of a cacophony of liberal news isn’t going to kill you.

      1. Of course you are so ignorant as to call me a ‘liberal’ twit, as if that is the only source of commentary contrary to the Neo-Con-Job agenda. You live in a 1-dimensional thought realm. Not good.

        ALL of the news sources you mentioned are run by conservatives and have over the last 12 years been bastardized by their conservative overlord management. It is to the point where many senior news reporters and analysts no longer believe actual ‘news’ is possible in our corrupt and propaganda ridden era of self-destruction. So much for your ‘cacophony’.

        It just happens that the most ‘phony’ of news comes out of all things News Corp., including The Wallstreet Jabber and Fux News.

        IF ONLY there was ‘one conservative voice’ among the fraudulent gang of criminals who pretend to be ‘conservative’ within the Republican party. REAL conservatives these days are called “RINO”s, ‘Republican In Name Only.’ The fact is that Ronald Reagan, who is frequently considered to be the best champion of conservative ideals, specifically called the Neo-Cons, “The Crazies.” Ronald Reagan was correct.

        I grew up within a REAL conservative household and hold a great many of their ideals. Such values have been thoroughly stripped out of the current Republican party to the point where it has become not just “The Party of ‘NO'”, but the party of deceit. I can’t find any reason to respect any member of the Republican party these days. And note that I don’t have to be a LibTard, etc., to disagree with their plans to ruin my beloved country.

        IOW: Get some perspective! It’s a 3-dimensional world outside of your limited thought realm. 😕

        1. I don’t even watch Fox News, so I’m not it’s greatest fan. I’m just very tired of people calling it funny names. As if it singularly is the problem with the media. Far from fact.

          I’m not holding it up as some great example of perfection in information, nearly all broadcast media suffers from what I call “sensationalism bias” they need to find exciting news stories for ratings.

          We get wall to wall coverage of the shooting in Colorado, but hardly any mention of important legislation which will effect all of our lives. It’s just not exciting enough.

          Not crazy about the modern Republican party, and I would love to see some true conservatives step up to the plate, but there are so few articulate and courageous conservatives out there.

          Sorry I called you a name, I did snap at you a little.

          I’m not saying there’s no problems with who owns the US media or with Fox News, I just think it’s silly to single them out. I’m neither a fan nor an opponent of News Corp, it’s just one source of news, they have no monopoly. If you don’t like them, listen to or read news elsewhere.

    1. “Honest officer, I simply forgot to fasten my seatbelt.”
      “Honest officer, I simply forgot to look at my speedometer.”
      “Honest officer, I simply forgot to fasten my seatbelt.”
      “Honest officer, I simply forgot to file my taxes.”
      “Honest officer,……..”, etc., etc……..

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