“Apple and Samsung are embroiled in a firece legal battle over the design of each companies smartphones and tablets with each claiming that the other copied their design,” Jason D. O’Grady writes for ZDNet.

“I take issue with one of the pillars of the Samsung case: that it had design concepts similar to the iPhone ‘in the labs’ before the iPhone was released,” O’Grady writes. “My problem with it is that even if Samsung had a batch of designs in the labs, a one-off design concept doesn’t cut — actual products that are released to the public are what counts. I know for a fact that Apple has dozens of working tablet prototypes in its labs in every screen size that you can think of. Does that mean that it should sue Amazon or Google/ASUS for the Fire and Nexus 7-inch tablets? Or course not.”

O’Grady writes, “There’s no denying that fact that there was a tectonic shift in device design after the iPhone and iPad were released. Almost every successive product after Apple’s groundbreaking iOS devices was so similar in design that it was difficult to tell them apart from a distance. Let’s not kid ourselves.”

Much more, including photos of Samsung devices before and after iPhone and iPad, in the full article here.