“As the high-stakes patent trial between Apple and Samsung Electronics moves into its second day Tuesday, one thing is clear: Apple is committed to waging total war,” Brian Patrick Eha reports for CNNMoney.Like the Roman Empire in its victory over Carthage, Apple seems determined to salt the earth so that its competitor can never rise again.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, yeeesss! More, please!

“Apple is seeking to have the court case declared “exceptional,” a legal standard under which the jury could award treble damages,” Eha reports. “That’s three times the amount of actual, provable damages — which Apple is claiming run to billions of dollars.”

MacDailyNews Take: Siri, what was that we wrote about Samsung four days ago? Oh, that’s right: “Samsung is a despicable, derivative, classless company that deserves only misery, torment and pain.”

Eha reports, “Apple is also seeking to recoup 100% of Samsung’s profits from the sales of any products found to be in violation of Apple’s patents… It’s also seeking a permanent injunction to stop Samsung from selling all infringing products… Silicon Valley is constantly embroiled in patent battles, but this is a high-profile skirmish in Apple’s worldwide crusade against Android. Steve Jobs, before his death, vowed to go to ‘thermonuclear war’ on Google and the Android phone makers that he felt had blatantly ripped off Apple’s iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let justice prevail!

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