How to bring back ‘Save As…’ to OS X Mountain Lion

“When OS X Lion debuted, our old-friend Save As… had been sent packing for a new imposter, Duplicate. We tried to like this new one, but wow was it not the same,” Rob LeFebvre reports for Cult of Mac. “Luckily, Mountain Lion has brought Save As… back, only in a sneaky, less than obvious way.”

Here’s “how to return good-old-Save As… to its former glory, in the exalted spot it used to reside in. Here’s how,” LeFebvre reports. “If you’ve upgraded to Mountain Lion, you’ll be able to do this right away.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you feel you must. But if you, do, you have to finally give Lion-style scrolling a chance. A day or two with it, and you’ll be just fine with it, we promise!


  1. Wow. Has Apple started hiring laid off Microsoft programers? “Duplicate” means to make an exact match (of what you don’t want it saved as). At least try “Export”. That gives the ability in many programs to change the file format so it can be used in another program’s standard file format.

    Wow. Who do we e-mail our complaints to at Apple? Steve would never have let this happen.

    1. *whoosh*

      thats the sound of the entire point going over your head.

      If you’re about to change a file and want to preserve the original, duplicate it. There. Save-as all done.

      1. *whoosh*

        thats the sound of the entire point going over your head.

        For many people, you start modifying a document – a piece of code, a monthly report, The Great American Novel – and you realize the new version is greater than the original, and you want to fork a new file. Save As … is what you ant, and you don’t to have to jump thru hoops to do it.

        I remember a few years ago, the first time I used MS Word with the ribbon on a Windows box for a nonprofit I work with. I had updated an annual report document, starting with last year’s version, adding this year’s numbers. I’m all set, and then I go the Save As. It’s not where it had always been. Had to search high and low for it – MS had the same misguided idea long before Apple.

        My mother would have washed my mouth out with soap if she had heard my language during that experience!

    2. “Steve would never have let this happen.”?

      Lion debuted the Duplicate command. Mr. Jobs passed away after Lion was released. Clearly, he was around. If anything, Mountain Lion is going back to offering some kind of Save As… convenience.

  2. “If you feel you must. But if you, do, you have to finally give Lion-style scrolling a chance. A day or two with it, and you’ll be just fine with it, we promise!”

    Screwing up save and the effed up scrolling reversal is right up there with Ping and Thunderturd on the non-starter list.

    1. I disagree. Natural scrolling worked for me from minute one. I do miss “Save as…” though. I can see the point of duplicate, as with versions saved, I use save as less. But when I do want to use save as, I get annoyed at duplicate.

    2. I Agree “natural scrolling” one of the WORST things Apple has ever done.

      if YOUR mac is the only computer you touch… fine.
      but EVERY other computer out there does not. Schools, Business, Library, Stores, ETC.

      I just hope Apple never forces the change, always leave it as an option.

    3. Natural scrolling works well on a trackpad, but it just doesn’t make sense with a mouse. It’s good to have the option to independently control movement for either device.

  3. Since Apple is more of a keyboard shortcut type of company… command-c then command-v makes a duplicate…. no need to search through a right click menu

  4. It was a solution looking for a problem that wasn’t there. Everyone knows save as, and changing it to duplicate added NO benefit except frustration to the user which is not how apple is supposed to roll. Duplicate = Fail.

  5. I agree, MDN, about the scrolling. I made the switch right after I installed OS X Lion last year. It took me a day or two. Now the other way doesn’t seem so natural anymore.

  6. I was wondering how people would react to ‘Duplicate’ in Mountain Lion.

    It makes sense logically from a code geek point of view. One never edits an original piece of code. Instead, one ALWAYS works on a duplicate in order to be able to fall back to the original if you frack up your code.

    Historically, this was sort of the concept behind the age old UNDO command. This safety-first philosophy also became the default in image creation and editing apps.

    IOW, the philosophy behind ‘Duplicate’ is nothing new. I’m used to it and find it interesting to make it a default on OS X. However, killing off (hiding) ‘Save-As’, which is a traditional GUI command from yonks back in time, is ridiculous. I can only think that Apple wanted to simplify the menu commands while forcing this safer approach to working with edited files.

    Let Apple know your opinion on the subject. I strongly suspect that ‘Save A’s will return some time in the future, perhaps in a 10.8 update.

  7. I really don’t see the point of this tip as 10.8 brings back the “Save As…” capability by simply pressing the Option key when you select the File menu. There it is: “Duplicate” changes to “Save As…” Easy peasy.

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