Walter Isaacson fights subpoena over heart-to-heart chats with Steve Jobs

“Biographer Walter Isaacson is fighting a subpoena to unlock his unpublished interviews with Steve Jobs in the Apple ebook price-fixing case,” Brid-Aine Parnell reports for The Register.

“When Apple moved into ebooks, it negotiated an agency model with publishers – not in itself illegal – where the publishers set the price and Apple took a 30 percent cut,” Parnell reports. “The plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit are trying to get their hands on Isaacson’s notes and tape-recorded interviews in case there’s more about Jobs’ ebook strategy in there that could incriminate Apple. But Isaacson is using a journalism shield law to try to stop his notes being used in court.”

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  1. That just seems wrong. I’d like to get my hands around Eric Holder’s neck. I seriously cannot understand the logic applied at the current DOJ. This is just one case out years of actions and inactions that are just weird and disturbing.

    1. Look, Ma! An anonymous racist!

      As regards the story, it really does seem a step too far to demand recounts of ‘heart-to-heart chats’. Or should that be ‘heart-to-court transcriptions’?

  2. I’m a Democrat who voted for Obama. I wanted to believe he had the strength of his convictions… her proved us wrong. I do not believe for one second that Romney is any more qualified to run the country than Obama, but I am willing to give Romney a shot if he can put an end to this idiocy.

    1. What idiocy? Why do people think a Pres is the sole source of government? Have you not had the intelligence to understand that congress is a mostly anti-American institution? All they seem to do is complain about the President, be against whatever he has planned, stand against Supreme Court rulings and this is just a small sampling. I don’t think Romney is half as capable as George W and that is not good for America.

    2. Ask youself “Why did Rmoney destroy the electronic records of his term as Massachusetts Governor?” If you can come up with an answer that makes you OK with the thought of making him the most powerful man in the world, please share it, because it worries me a lot.

            1. Well yes, as a matter of fact there is (/h for humor or /s for sarcasm)
              However, it was more of an open ended question (not specifically putting you on the spot) While 99% americans don’t care (or know much) about the EU’s polities (figuring they need to do what is good for them) The reverse is not so though, most euro’s have strong opinions about the US’s politics and politicians.

              Also I hope you are Italian otherwise that comment was pretty offensive (you get a certain amount of leeway insulting your own country/race/religion)

  3. Walter, best wishes with the journalism shield law protecting your rights and confidentiality.

    The present Justice Joke department is selective and clueless.

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