Survey: Consumers want to buy ‘iPhone 5’ more than ‘iPad mini’

“The next iPhone and the iPad Mini haven’t even been announced, but some people are already looking to see which will come out ahead,” Roger Cheng reports for CNET.

“By a wide margin, more customers want to buy an iPhone 5 than an iPad Mini, according to a survey conducted by coupon site CouponCodes4u,” Cheng reports. “The 1,900-person survey found that 78 percent would choose the iPhone 5, some saying they would use the smartphone more, while others questioned the use of a smaller version of the current iPad.”

Cheng reports, “More than three-quarters of the respondents already owned an Apple product, with 64 percent owning an iPhone and nearly 40 percent an iPad. The survey also found that 21 percent of the respondents would consider an iPad Mini for their children.”

More info and links in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll wait until both products are announced before bothering to decipher any survey results.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. If you are using that 3GS on Apple’s standard iPhone plan, and never bothered getting a new phone as soon as you became eligible, you are donating money to AT&T every month!

      Part of that monthly plan that you pay is subsidy that pays off your $650 phone (remember, you only paid $200 downpayment upon signing up). The phone is fully paid off the moment you become eligible for the fully-subsidised upgrade. If you don’t upgrade right away, every month after that, you’re donating some $20 of your AT&T bill to them (since you had already paid off that 3GS).

      If you like 3GS so much more than 4 or 4S, you can always get the upgrade and then sell it on eBay / CraigsList right away. That way, you at least recover some (if not all) of that subsidy you’re paying to AT&T.

      Alternatively, you could switch to AT&T’s prepaid plans; they are considerably cheaper than the contract plans (no subsidy there).

    1. Just use your phone or iPod touch? A friend of mine bought the Google Nexus 7, it’s half the size of the iPad and not big enough to run any apps other than the ones you already run on your phone. It really is pointless. I hope Apple don’t actually release one, because it would be really pointless.

      1. Maybe it’s pointless for you, but it’s certainly not pointless for me!

        The Nexus? I have little interest in an Android table, but the screen is FOUR times the area of the iPhone 5! Of course you can do certain things with it that you can’t do as easily with a phone screen.

        The iPad? For children especially, the iPad is A) expensive and B) pretty large and heavy. If the price could be in the $299 ballpark, I could justify having a couple of iPad minis around for kids, games, reading, remote control duty, and more, and I would keep the iPad to myself.

        If it tells you anything, I still have my original iPad 1, which is now over two years old. Still, I haven’t felt like upgrading or buying another. True, that says something about how nice the original iPad is… Yes, it’s very nice, and yes, it’s a great value and all that, but I’m the type that likes to upgrade pretty frequently. But, it’s still a $500+ item I’m just not excited to spend the money replace.

        1. @ecrabb
          I’m with you!
          My 1st gen iPad is in my TV room, I use it for several hours everyday for news, I love Zite! I use it to read news and if they have a video I send to my ATV!

          A mini I would carry with me, instead of reading on my iPhone, and both kids would get one for Xmas

        2. Hate to break the news, the original iPad is now a $200 – $300 item. I’m having a hard time deciding to keep mine (at $200 it’s a good dedicated kitchen device), sell it or give it to a nephew.

        1. And it’s a real disappointment when they don’t listen. The only choice is to defriend them when that happens, otherwise they’ll be coming to you for help with it.

      2. No. No it wouldn’t be pointless. It would only be pointless for you. Obviously there are millions of people who would buy one or Apple wouldn’t make it. Right? I’m uncertain as to whether I would buy one or not? I have had all three versions of the iPad and loved all of them. But I might try the mini. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Different strokes for different folks. I am going to go out of a limb and say that the iPad mini will be a spectacular hit. It will cut into the iPad sales deeply within a year. But that’s okay, it’s all money. And you’re not really comparing a Google tablet to the iPad mini are you? Huh? Hey, it’s Google! Let’s check in one year from today and see how many iPad mini’s have sold? K? I guess you won’t like the iPhone five because it’s going to be a little taller?

    1. My family already has multiple MacBooks, iPhones and a single iPad. They all serve their purposes well, so I need nothing else that Apple sells.

      However, I’d buy an iPad mini (or even two) if they were priced right – say $299 or thereabouts. $349 would start pushing it, which is why I wonder if Apple could/would even sell them.

      1. I have the iPhone 4 S, the new iPad, iPod touch and the new 27 inch iMac. I’m on my iPad all the time. I only use my iMac when it is necessary to do things I can do better on it. Also have 3 desktop Mac pros for business but that’s a separate issue. I love my new iPad. I’ll bet I would love an iPad Mini too. I think we’ll see very soon.

  1. Kind-of a stupid survey if you ask me. I’m ready to upgrade my phone like million upon millions of people are. My iPad is not being held hostage by a two year contract like my phone. Timing, helllloooo?

    Plus, I have an iPad. I just don’t have the need to downgrade to a smaller screen, even thought I can understand for a lot of folks, this might be the ideal size.

    It’s kind of apple’s to oranges if you ask me (not that anyone is asking).

  2. I already have an iPod Mini that’s perfect for kids:

    It’s called the iPod Touch, and it’s Apple’s best selling iPod.

    Someone someday is going to write a book explaining why certain people go MAnIaCaL about vacuous rumors and bad ideas. This rumor will be in the Top 10. 😛

    1. Google has about two years of copying Apple left until Apple search , Siri, fully competes with google search. That’s when google stock plunges to $150 share. If. And I’d gladly spend my advertising budget with Apple than with google. Why not I-ads? I never thought Apple was going to be my record store or phone right?…we’ll see. Bet?

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