Microsoft to open retail store by Apple Store The Domain in Austin, Texas

“Microsoft through its Facebook page and separate confirmations has confirmed another retail store opening that will clash with an Apple location,” Electronista reports.

“The new store will open in northern Austin’s Domain shopping center, a location Apple has occupied since 2007,” Electronista reports. “It hasn’t given a date or an exact position of where the store will be located.”

Electronista reports, “News of the store follows just over a week after Microsoft planned a similar push Palo Alto in California, one of the closest locations to Apple’s actual headquarters. The store is due to open in April.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Microsoft Store. Where Apple Store customers go to play the gluteal tuba.

We like Ballmer’s strategy. We like it a lot.

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    1. Microsoft opens more stores across from Apple, it will make choice far easier. Now they can look at Microsoft and then go to the Apple store to see what they have been missing. Maybe Ballmers stradagy is working. PC sales are down and Apple is up. Is it a coincidence? Maybe not.
      Ummmmm, still think Ballmer covert operator for Apple.

    2. Aeropostale has closed across from the Apple Store in the Eastview Mall, Victor (Rochester), NY. Will MS move in there?

      As for the graph MDN’s take, at first I mistook Microsoft’s results for the graph’s baseline. Flat, indeed.

    1. I was checking out the graphs for NASDAQ in general last night. I found that DayTraderTards 😯 are merely buying tech stocks as a generic pile of paper. IOW the graph for Microsoft is only mimicking the graph of the NASDAQ.

      Apple obviously is driving up the NASDAQ and Microsoft is merely along for the ride. I know of nothing whatsoever that Microsoft has accomplished to deserve any rise in stock price. They remain in the long term doldrums, as expected.

  1. The Domain is a huge outdoor complex. Wonder where Micro$oft will set up shop… on the high-end side with Apple and Neiman Marcus or the low-rent side near Dick’s?

    Can’t wait to visit and ROFLMAO.

  2. Great idea M$!!! Now when you go bankrupt Apple can pick up the real-estate cheap. Easy way to expand; space in close proximity to Apple’s present space. Good future place for selling the iPhone. Way to go M$!!! 🙂

      1. Have you no sense of irony? It would be a great place for Apple to sell iPhones! In the store previously owned by M$. Considering that sales and profits from the iPhone out did M$ sales and profits for their entire line. 🙂

  3. Positioning Microsoft Stores near Apple Stores in the same shopping malls gives people an opportunity to see the difference. Even a comparison of store fixtures wouldn’t be to Microsoft’s advantage.

    1. The great thing about having a Microsoft Store next to an Apple Store is it will be a great place to go for some peace and quiet after having been in perpetually busy, noisy, consumer excited Apple Store. The MS Store promises nice ‘n quiet and nearly empty of people. Even the employees can barely stay awake as cobwebs & dust gather on their products-you-can-buy-cheaper-elsewhere-nothin’-special-here aisles.

  4. I have never been to a MSFT store and have no plans to do so.

    I have no idea why I would want to go to a MSFT store.

    What do they sell? Office . . . Windows . . . ok . . .

    Seriously, what does MSFT sell that normal people could buy?

    Spreadsheets, IT file servers stuff, and . . . video games maybe?

    What will it be next, the Facebook store at the mall?

    1. Please don’t tell Facebook to open a store!

      Because then about 3 years later Google will HAVE to open some garishly decorated advertising agency / Ice Cream parlor sort of retail space. The employees won’t really know why they’re there, but they will no doubt get free soda.

    2. I live close enough to The Domain that I visit the Apple Store there when I’m in town.

      Actually, I look forward to going into a MS Store and letting them know what I think of their shitastic products and how much I hate Windohs.

  5. MS stores will not bring Apple customers Windows ( they’ve been there, done that).

    What is more likely is qthat they will bring more Windows users to Apple. Watch the 50% new to Mac statistic grow to 75% in that area.

    1. Hey yeah, Ballmer is making it possible and easier for PC users to compare and switch to Apple by having their craptastic stores nearby! Once again Monkey Boy is helping Apple out and spending millions and millions of dollars doing it! What a guy! What a stragedy! We like it a lot! Proving he’s nobody’s fool but his own once again.

    2. I can’t help but wonder how many people go to a store to buy software; particularly Windows. What could a MS store have than any of the other 1000 vendors don’t? You don’t go to the Apple store (for the most part) to buy the OS; you go for the hardware and the social experience. Gotta love Balmer’s delusions, though.

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