How Apple iPhone saves business’ money and why Android can’t

Apple’s revolutionary “iPhone offers companies unique advantages when it comes to keeping costs down – and those advantages aren’t likely to be found in Android devices,” Ryan Faas writes for Cult of Mac.

“These advantages boil down to Apple’s consistency in its products. With the exception of storage capacities and color, Apple only makes a single iPhone 4S model. That model may be locked to a specific carrier, but the hardware and OS is the same on every iPhone 4S in the world,” Faas writes. “That consistency of iOS continues through other models like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS – no different skins from manufacturers and no customizations or apps installed by carriers. That’s a great feature for consumers, but it also offers two important cost management factors for companies that opt to be iPhone-specific.”

Fass writes, “First is the cost of internal app development… Second, and less obvious, is that the freedom from carrier-specific models, skins, or features makes the iPhone very portable…”

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  1. Android is NOT a single platform. It is fragmented into what should be considered many separate platforms, with significant differences. Some brand new “Android” devices can’t even run the latest version of Android. For example, the OS on Kindle Fire is a highly customized version of Android 2.3. New Android phones don’t (or won’t) meet the hardware specs to run a later version.

    And the level of fragmentation grows every day…

    1. I think it’s even better to say that there is no “Android” but rather an umbrella of partially semi-compatible fragmented platforms. Perhaps we should stop calling them all “Android” and call them by individual names.

      In short, Android is a Myth as far as platforms go.

  2. Better fire up your flame-throwers, cuz most of you are being stupid. Apple is also fragmented. There are devices that can’t run versions of the opsystem, and programs that only run on some others. That is why they would only get the 4s. So, lets say they all just get the droid razr and a moto tablet. apps work across both. IT is only developing for one phone with one OS. who cares what some other phone mfr is doing, YOU ONLY USE ONE ANYWAY!!!! Stop with the smoke and mirrors already – fragmentation is not a real issue. Lets see how an IT dept does with offices full of people using version 1, 2, 3, 3G, 4 and 4S iDevices. Stuff will crash, and stuff won’t work. Of course, your right – no one would do that. So, why try to force that on the droid crowd? No company would. By the way, one of the largest companies around (the Feds) are going android. Are they using every handset on the planet? No, they are using just one. So, do they deal with the uspposed fragmentation? No. Case closed (except for the fan-boys with the flamethrowers – flame on)
    Stick with one handset.

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