More consumers dump Microsoft’s Windows, switch to Apple’s Mac

“For a long time, David Alison was a Mac hater,” Beth Snyder Bulik reports for Advertising Age. “In fact, one of the avatars he used was the face of actor John Hodgman, the PC guy in Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ ads. As a software developer, he was heavily invested in and committed to Windows. While he had been a longtime iPod fan, it hadn’t been enough to get him to switch.”

Snyder Bulik reports, “But then last year his friends started buying iPhones and making the switch — ‘guys like me, who didn’t really care for Macs.’ And when the latest Windows operating system, Vista, came out, ‘It didn’t do anything for me,’ Mr. Alison said. ‘The very initial version was really a mess.'”

“So he went to an Apple store,” Snyder Bulik reports. “The clean, simple and friendly experience convinced him it was time to consider a Mac, and now, six months after his first MacBook purchase, he has added a desktop Mac Pro and another MacBook Pro.”

“Mr. Alison’s experience is not unusual. Blog after blog chronicles the move from Windows to Mac operating systems,” Snyder Bulik reports.

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  1. I know this is the wrong article for this question, but is anyone else receiving a “invalid username/password” on the MobileMe website? I do, even though my mac and iphone are syncing with the same username and pw.

  2. What I find amazing is that a software developer, of all people would, hate the Mac and OS X. It is hands down the best development environment there is.

    Personally I think that it is silly for anyone to limit their OS experience to just one operating system and judge the others as deficient.

  3. David Alison’s blog, is a good read.

    As he is new to the Mac, he is still looking for programs that either 1) replace something he used on Windows, or 2) make the Mac experience better in general.

    I’ve been using Macs since ’84, and I still learn things from his blog.

    Highly recommended!

  4. In the end, operating system loyalty and religions are the same. When people finally wise up, they have invested so much time and energy into it that they decide it’s just too much hassle to switch.

    But once you let go, you are finally free!

  5. I use both PCs and Macs on a regular basis and neither one of them really stands out to me. But since I can get the same performance for half the cost on a PC, and with a much wider range of software options, I really don’t see why anybody would buy a mac instead of a PC. Although I have noticed that most of the mac users I know are entirely ignorant of how to use a computer… but that’s just anecdotal evidence.

  6. I used to be a Mac-hater too, but now I can’t stand computing on anything other than a Mac. I had never used a mac before in my life until I went to a highschool that used Macs. As soon as I used them, I loved them. I then switched all the computers in my house over to macs, and we aren’t going back!!!

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