AT&T sells out of Apple iPhone 3G, offers to take pre-orders

“With some locations already sold out, AT&T is beginning to sell customers on units from the second wave of iPhone 3G shipments,” MacNN reports.

“With sources noting that ‘many stores across the country’ have already sold out of their launch stock, the company is now offering pre-orders through a ‘direct fulfillment process,'” MacNN reports.

“Should a person pick this option, they will be required to pay for the phone and will be notified when an iPhone 3G arrives at the store for pickup,” MacNN reports. “AT&T is telling customers that they can expect their new iPhone 3Gs within 3-5 days.”

Full article here.

But it doesn’t have a keyboard which makes it not a very good email machine. smirk


  1. Ha, I’d like to see how many Extinct were sold out. They keep bragging about running out because of massive numbers of buyers snatching them up. iPhone just slammed dunked them.

  2. It’s unfortunate that headlines for the moment will be about the activation issues. The media’s been frothing at the mouth all day.

    We have sort of become a nation of whiners.

  3. Just got in line at the 5th Ave. store in NYC. There are a few hundred people waiting in line. According to Apple it will take me two hours. I can’t wait and this is my second iPhone.

  4. I was told they would have more tomorrow morning at a local ATT store. The guy did not seem sincere about it and this news backs it up, so I’m planning to drive a little further and go to an Apple store instead. I sure hope they have them or my “get it Saturday and avoid the rush” plans are shot.

  5. actually your probably SOL. I called my apple store and talked with 2 out of 4 local AT&T;stores and they were all out. all of them.

    I think Apple actually planned this partially. The delivery system has a few hundred thousand sitting on docks to phase the phones out over days instead of hours to help alleviate some of the server issues they expected.

    Because I was given a choice of which models I wanted instead of we only have white 8 gigs left deal. This way more customers get a choice. we shall see how it works he told me 3-4 days, 7 max.

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