Longtime Microsoft Windows developer switches to Apple Mac

“I have been a Windows user and software developer since 1992, and a DOS user and developer since 1984. I used to hate Macs and as recently as 9 months ago my avatar on one of my forums was John Hodgman (the PC guy from the Mac ads),” David Alison blogs. “Now I really enjoy using my Mac and am drifting away from Windows as a platform.”

Here’s why:

• User Interface: Clean and uncluttered.

• Performance: After two months with my MacBook I have not had a single problem with this aspect of the machine.

• Compatibility: I can use [VMWare’s Fusion’s] Unity mode and have Windows applications share the desktop with my Mac applications.

• Portability: This MacBook provides the perfect balance for me.

• Software Availability: The range of applications is staggering and covers just about any category I could think of.

Alison explains, “After two months I still find the machine fascinating. I don’t hate my Windows XP machine, nor the Vista laptop or Ubuntu workstation I also have at my desk. I just don’t use them all that much anymore.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m not surprised at all. After four years of being a Mac user and telling everyone at work how great Macs are, the trickle of switchers has turned into a flood. In my own experience, I’m seeing us reach critical mass.

    Even those who were once the biggest Mac haters have been won over by the love they have for their iPods and iTunes. Throw in a few Vista upgrade nightmares, and everyone in the work group is coming to me for buying advice.

    Even the people who don’t need a machine right now are talking about switching when the time comes.

    Sure, it’s just one guy’s experience, but I’d be willing to bet lots of people here could tell the same story.


  2. Welcome! David Alison!

    Some of “us” are crazy, some of us are so far left leaning that it makes “communism” look like a walk in a park.

    Some of us have been colored fruity and we might all be indeed gay and happy.

    Some of us been label artists, eccentric or in the case of GW Bush, a idiot.

    Some of us like Al Gore who scream about global warming but have three GIANT 30″ Displays on our desktops and a TV on behind us are complete and utter hypocrites.

    Some like me ARE EXTREMELY PARANOID and wear tin foil hats constantly to keep out the “rays”. Thus we use Mac’s because, before they were extremely secure, now just so so, but better than anything Microsoft has ever produced.

    Some of us work for the FBI and other secret organizations and use Mac’s for security, twindling security as it is.

    Some of us just don’t like computers, don’t want to work on them, just expect them to work and do their job. Working for us humans.

    Some of us are fanatics, if you dare like anything else non-Apple, god forbid you even mention it. You’ll be cut down immediatly for disagreeing with anything not endorsed by the HOLY STEVE JOBS!!

    Some of us are TRAITORS!! For using Microsoft products on our Mac’s, or hooking up Dell monitors to their Mac’s. Wonder why they have problems and their computers become insecure and unstable.

    Some Mac users need to be, quite frankly, taken out to the pasture … Like Rush Limbard or what-ever his name is.

    Some of us like to whine and complain to no end, like myself, WE ARE NEVER SATISFIED WITH ANYTHING APPLE DOES. We are perfectionists and push Apple to do more because we…

    Some of us are SPOILED ROTTEN and like it… so…

    So anyway welcome to the CULT OF MAC. Steve Jobs is your new God, Cupertino is your heaven and you will buy everything new that comes from heaven. Prepare to pay. Prepare to be awed to walk into the CHURCH OF APPLE STORES.

    YOU WILL HATE MICROSOFT, You will hate Microsoft. you will hate Microsoft. Because Microsoft is the ultimate evil.

    Intel used to be evil too, but IBM dropped the ball in making a cool G5 processor so we could continue to have the endless processor wars and a cool G5 laptop.

    So IBM has become evil for their treacherous behavior and Intel a accepted evil.

    You still have time to go back to Windows….hurry or evolve into a crazy Mac head….

    You lose either way… but at least your computer works on our side…

    whooo hoooo, who let the dogs out. rough rough!!

  3. I love this quote:
    “The biggest draw for me is the way the Mac UI works. For me the user interface is about usability, integration and aesthetics.”

    So, it took the guy 24 years to figure that one out? It took me all of about 10 minutes back in 1985 and I was just a potential customer.
    Sheesh, If he’s that friggin’ dense, go back to Windows! ;^)

  4. Another quitter. Us Windows enthusiasts don’t need the likes of sissy traitors like him around anyway. Getting rid of the weak makes us stronger. You pretentious little girly MAC sheep can have him.

    David, good luck in the future with your overpriced proprietary hardware, one button mice and near-constant crashes. Maybe one day you’ll come to your senses and break free of the MAC cult. Until then your just another annoying and smug MAC lemming. Who can’t play games.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  5. @mad mac maniac
    One of the best posts I’ve witnessed on this site. I’ve read and re-read it 3 times (but then, I’ve watched the Macworld 2007 keynote over 6 times). A wide variety of different levels of humor from lots of people… ampar-you da man… zuney-for some reason, we love ya… and chrissyone, I want you bad, girl.
    Let’s all jump in the shower… O.K.???

  6. Oh dear, sounds like ZT has panties tied in a not. “Another quitter.” I am shocked by your statement ZT. I mean I would have expected nothing or a quitter but ANOTHER quitter? Wow, sounds like rats leaving a drowning ship.

    Maybe he wanted to stop using a toy operating system to play games and get some real productive work done.

  7. We’ve been seeing a lot of these kinds of articles lately.

    @ Zune Tang…As garymac hinted Mac users can play games. The question is [ahem] what k-i-n-d of games would you like to play?

    (Personally I’m into some of the more adult titles…like Turbo Tax.)

  8. A little off topic, but I have to write this…. today I went to Best Buy (didn’t have time to drive to my local Apple Store) to buy my wife a MB Air… (she travels a lot – and we have more macs at home).

    I asked the salesman if they had MBAirs in stock. He said he needed a key to check stock…. 10 minutes later he comes back with one. While he was ringing me up he spotted a woman looking up the Sony Vaio on their web connected computer. He almost stopped ringing me up to help her. Then she noticed my Air…. he flat out told her she didn’t want it, because it doesn’t come with a DVD drive. This is info he just volunteered. She wasn’t even talking to him. And she certainly didn’t look like she was about to buy an Air. She looked intent on viewing the Vaio.. or at least looking it up on the web.

    Then he walked me to security with the Air and a Time Capsule. When the guard at the door noticed the Air, he blurted out…. “Why did you get that?… It doesn’t have a DVD drive”

    I told him I didn’t need it to have one. Then he and the Salesman simultaneously stated I would need it to reinstall the OS in the future. I defended the Air saying I could use an external or ‘borrow’ another computers DVD drive. The salesman stated that I was mistaken and that Macs couldn’t do that.

    Our conversation lasted more than a minute, and it seemed to me that it was possible that this might be the ‘company line’ and if so, were they making more money by selling Windows machines or somehow motivated to bash Apple while having an Apple section in their store.

    I know AT&T;employees could care less about selling the iPhone.. they said something about not making a good commission for selling them (if anything at all).

    I called Apple’s customer care department to report that particular Best Buy. That’s all I could do.

    I hope that somehow the behavior stops. When the security scrutinized my purchase it made me very suspicious.

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