Will Apple report another 2-million Mac quarter on April 23rd?

“Apple will announce its earnings for the second quarter of the fiscal year on April 23, and while the second quarter is typically the weakest for Apple, there may be some surprises. Of course, it will be no surprise when Apple beats its guidance, which was $6.8 billion in revenue and $0.94 EPS. While this pales in comparison to record revenues of $9.6 billion last quarter, it is a marked gain from the same period last year’s $5.26 billion in revenue. As impressive a 30 percent in revenue might be to shareholders and Wall Street, the real news for Mac users is talk of another 2 million Mac quarter,” Charles Jade reports for Ars Technica.

“Last quarter, Apple had record Mac sales of 2.3 million units, which broke the record of 2.1 million the previous quarter, which broke the record of 1.67 million the previous quarter—you get the point. The Mac platform has been enjoying the Intel Renaissance for two years now, and as the chart shows, analysts are predicting Mac sales to be up nearly a third from the same time last year. More astonishingly, Apple may nearly double Mac sales from the same period in 2006. While part of the success this quarter may be a result of the popularity of the MacBook Air, clearly the Mac has become the alternative platform of choice for consumers worldwide,” Jade reports.

Full article, which also looks at iPhone and iPod expectations, here.


  1. I don’t like the “Intel Renaissance” part.

    I’m not saying that the Intel chips aren’t a good thing. I’m not saying that the ability to throw Windows on a machine has hurt sales, either.

    But it’s OS X and the overall design superiority that has led to this — not just what’s under the hood. People won’t buy the first Ferrari that runs on hydrogen fuel cells because of the new fuel. They’ll buy it because it’s a frickin’ Ferrari.

    Intel was a good choice. It’s just not the driving force.

  2. “While part of the success of this quarter may be a result of the popularity of the MacBook Air”

    Oh, no! The troll should be arriving any minute now to denounce the intelligence and wisdom of the many who’ve bought such an overpriced and deficient computer.

  3. @Twodales

    Really? I was able to put Leopard onto a G4 Sawtooth. Granted the CPU and hard drives are upgraded.

    You can sometimes beat the installer by booting the old machine via target mode with Firewire with a newer machine and installing the OS that way.

    I’m using the G4 as a media server now. Works great.

    Still get the new machine. I’ve been blown away by the performance of these new macs.

  4. @MidWest Mac
    “Intel was a good choice. It’s just not the driving force.”

    I not so sure. Perception is sometimes more important then reality, and they don’t always equate to each other.

    The fact that someone that has been using Windows for decades can still run all his legacy software on a Mac is one of the things that have accelerated it’s market penetration. The funny part is that at least in the cases that I have been involved in helping a switcher, they have always ended up deleting their Windows partition after 6 months of using their Mac.

  5. @DogGone
    Thanks for the input, my Cube is just too slow and I finally needed to upgrade. It is a profound testament however, that I was still able to use a 7 year old computer (and still could), try that with a 7 year old windoze POS! By the way I love the new keyboard on the iMac. The best that I have ever used.

  6. The best Mac I ever had was a Powerbook G4. The Intel Macs may be faster, have more features and do more things, but they are not the polished systems that the PPC’s were.

  7. @twodales

    7 year old PC would be something like early P4 or late P3.
    Incidentially, the current Merom/Penryn Core2Duo design is based largely on Intels P3 Tualatin design.
    Only the coming Nehalem architecture will bring something “really new”.
    Todays C2Ds are just Tualatin + more cores + multimedia-extensions (and bigger caches, of course – cache is king in Intel-land)

    So, a (good) seven year old PC would be almost as fast as an early Intel MacMini, IMO.
    Not necessarily in benchmarks, but in everyday use, it would not be easily detectable. It would be slower, yes, but not as much as one might expect.

  8. The intel laptops are light years ahead of the G4’s. I’m still using the last version of the 12″ G4 but my wife and kids have moved to the Macbook Pros. It is hard to use theirs and then come back and use mine. It’s like going from a Mercedes to a Ford truck. ( Not knocking Ford)
    And as soon as I can I will be upgrading.

  9. “success this quarter may be a result of the popularity of the MacBook Air,”

    I thought the MB Air is a sales failure. At least that’s the way it is reported. “No one will buy it. Too expensive. Too slow. Not enough ports. No DVD drive. No replaceable battery.” It’s too bad that Apple doesn’t break down the Mac sales by models. It will be interesting if they make any specific comments about MB Air sales.

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