Apple TV: iFlop?


  1. “(A download of Syriana from Warner Bros. goes for $20.)”

    LOL! You are joking, right? This startuop has a limited future with that kind of pricing for that quality movie. No wonder Apple isn’t doing business with Warner Bros..

  2. The studios and networks are the problem on the content end of things. They just need a lot more content on iTunes to make this thing work. Then the lack of DVR capability becomes much less of an issue.
    The cable companies are the problem on the DVR end of things.
    Is there even a standard way the Apple TV could interface with cable companies (CableCard slot?) to get high quality video into that thing—assuming the cable companies would even allow that?

  3. Apple TV has been a great addition around here. Whether feeding our music system, watching movies, or letting the grandkids see an awesome family photo show, it’s done much more than we ever thought it could. I don’t regret the purchase for a minute. A niche product, for sure, but in a good space.

  4. AppleTV falls between pillars in strange ways. It suggests that you need an HD set to use it, yet it has no HD content. Also, TV from the Apple store is too expensive to replace casual viewing. So the studio’s brilliant solution of making things even more expensive is doomed. I think they just want this category to fail so they can keep the existing broadcast model in place.

  5. have both the 40GB and 160GB models. Love the product and it has huge potential. Don’t care so much about buying music from the tv, but would love to see HD content available from the ITMS besides just a few Podcasts. Sux that the movie trailers stream from the tv at standard def too… wish that was also HD.

    And why doesn’t Apple take advantage of their own technology? Example, using the device to stream their various events. Just seams like even Apple doesn’t care for it much so why would other content providers?

    I look forward to the future of this product. The current model is a step in the right direction.

  6. I use it for one thing, ok 2 things, and 2 things only. It serves as my music hub as I have a kick ass sound system, and for watching the ocassional vid podcast. Thats it, thats what I bought it for, and I love it.

  7. I own an Apple TV and I’m happy with it. But it’s all about content. TV shows need to be cheaper and more importantly movie rentals need to become available.

    I don’t think people understand the Apple TV paradigm. Apple doesn’t want to be ties to cable, satellite, whatever so they’ll never offer DVR. They want Apple TV to be iTunes on your TV. The key now is to get more content on iTunes.

  8. Honestly people, think it out for once. The AppleTV is a device created to allow iTunes to broaden it’s market. Since iTunes sales of TV shows and movies has been steadily increasing, the average user will eventually want a way to play their media the way they want to.

    In other words, AppleTV doesn’t have to be a success right now, all it has to do is be ready to catch the market when it turns in it’s favor.

  9. I am in on that motion too. Bully-for-Woolley!

    Plus, I like the device.
    Some of the DVR’s out there have poor encoding quality.
    They are a wonderful idea. I would add that to the AppleTV wishlist. BUT, as a consumer. I knew what it did. Due to the machine I had at the introductory of this item… it was not for me.
    Now – since CUTTING cable tv… I prefer buying what I want to see… DVD or iTunes.

    THIS is the future. Apple TV is not a FLOP… it just isn’t in the CULTURE yet.

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