Some Apple iPod touch units mistakenly ship without OS X – and hint at disabled Bluetooth

“You can argue that the iPod touch is an iPhone without the phone. So what’s an iPod touch without OS X? You’re looking at it. That’s Dave’s swanky new iPod touch, fresh off the boat and out of the box with nothing more than a diagnostic utility. Ha, Cheerios icon for the cereal serial number — clever Apple. Not quite as clever as shipping a working product though,” Thomas Ricker reports for Engadget.

“Now besides a temperature sensor, what’s interesting here is that Bluetooth icon showing a disabled radio,” Ricker reports. “Does that mean the hardware is there like we heard but disabled in firmware?”

Much more, including screenshots and videos, in the full aritcle here.


  1. Nothing. This tool says indeed nothing.
    Like Algr already said: Bluetooth hardware was not found during the test. That’s all.
    I also assume Apple only created one tool like this for iPhone and the iPod as most for the functions, which are tested, are to find on both. So why making two pieces of software for manufacturing, when one is enough?

    I bet theree’s no bluetooth on this model of the iPod at any time.

    Just my 2 Cent

  2. @TommyBoy: “Beware using your iPhone while driving”

    Actually, I’ll bet the cops are right and he’s wrong.

    Out here in California, it is illegal to wear headphones that cover both ears while driving. If I remember correctly, the iPhone headphones do just that.

    If you’re going to drive while using the headphones that came with your iPhone, you need to take one of them out of your ear.

  3. @Basty
    What I really want to know is if the headphone jack is recessed like on the iPhone. If anyone knows, please let me know.

    I just heard on Macbreak Weekly that the headphone jack is not recessed.

  4. iPOD TOUCH… phone jack… is it recessed?

    OK – say it is… what does that provide you with. What mystery will be solved? I would like to know why this question is being asked?

    Just interested. Thx.

  5. Engadget has a second unit’s picture that has a mostly charged battery and a bluetooth icon without the red X. Maybe there really is bluetooth in it… Wouldn’t that be sweet!

    (pic and comments in the article)

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