Research In Motion to release virtual Blackberry software for Windows Mobile-based phones

Apple Store“Research In Motion is set to roll out new software that will let users turn smartphones running on Windows Mobile platform into virtual BlackBerries,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, “RIM plans to offer the software for a number of devices running Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.0. Once installed, it will provide users with access to BlackBerry applications like its e-mail, phone, calendar, address book, instant messages and other functions. The Waterloo, Ontario-based company will make the software available on devices offered by a number of telecom companies later this year, likely in the fall.”

“The software will appear as an icon on the screen of a smartphone and will have the same interface as a BlackBerry. Users will be able to toggle between the Windows Mobile and BlackBerry interfaces, the company said,” Reuters reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Investor” for the heads up.]
We’d call it a pre-emptive strike against Apple’s iPhone, but by fall it’ll be too late for that; “post-empty strike,” perhaps?

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  1. The software will appear as an icon on the screen of a smartphone and will have the same interface as a BlackBerry

    Minus the… interface wheel, right? Typical mediocre standards.

  2. My company recently mandated we would be going from crappie Blackberry whatevers, to the new and improved crap from RIM…

    Indeed, the results are in:
    – Smaller buttons = harder to use
    – Smaller screen
    – Battery life no better than previous model
    – Cheap plastic case and backing
    – Lastly, worse reception! This is a phone right?!

    So the choice is crap from RIM, or trash from Redmond… with the ability to take a Redmond-designed SW phone and turn it into a RIM?

    And this is a good idea because?… Oh, that’s right, this is good for RIM, not you the user…

  3. Wait! This means that RIM could also write a “virtual” app for the iPhone, which would vastly accelerate iPhone acceptance for business (assuming Apple would let them in.)

    Say what you want about the Blackberry interface…the “push” service integrated with an exchange server is a killer app for business and the secret of RIMs success to date.

  4. Actually, the real win would be to have an iPhone version of the Blackberry application suite. There are 8 million blackberry users out there, many of them (like me) are forced to use them for work. If Apple partnered with RIM, there would be nothing holding back iPhone adoption by large enterprises. Like it or not, RIM is as much a corporate standard as Windows in many companies. Apple wants to sell iPhones, if it gets them several million more sales, why would they care if a suite of RIM applications runs on their hardware? It gets OSX into the hands of folks who are likely windows users and nets them many more millions in sales.

  5. absolutely – we need blackberry on iPhone – it is silly of MDB to just hate every apple competetion.

    Appple needs business consumers – i would love if my corporate emails work on iPhone – i would buy one ina heartbeat – now i may be forced to carry a blackberry and an iPhone.

    don’t lose the corporate business like we did with MS Office especially MW Excel.

  6. Mac User, BG, Also… YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT… This is good news for iPhone users b/c if RIM is licensing its software/technology, that means its possible that these apps will be available on the iPhone, which would be awesome … making the iPhone the ultimate PDA/MP3Player/Phone/internet/email device…

    We should start one of those write in campaigns to get Apple & RIM to coperate w/each other.

    MDN u guys need to come out of the Apple closet and visit the real world some times … seems like your miss the big picture from time to time.

  7. Let’s see, you don’t dual boot the phone into Blackberry mode so that means Blackberry is running under virtualization in a stripped down cludged inferior OS. Eeewwwhhh!!!

    I think I’ll wait until June when I can get a phone with a optimized superior OS where I don’t have to run anything virtually. Thanks you very much Apple!

  8. This is bad for Appel. This is going keep the iphone out of the most important class of phone users- the business class. With out this market, the iphone is doomed! Face it, the iphone is already week in the business market–cna’t even read word documents!

  9. Blackberry software? all those applications are already in the Windows CE 6, Why does any body wants to emulate a software inside a OS that already has a native application? Besides that, blackberry is a waste of hardware beacuse all it is use is for corporate email. A bad software running inside a bad OS, this is incredible.

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