Apple UK debuts new ‘Get a Mac’ ad: Office Posse (Macs run Microsoft Office, too)

Apple UK has debuted a new ‘Get a Mac’ ad called, “Office Posse” which stresses to the average Joe and Jane that Macs, do indeed run Microsoft Office. Oh, joy.

Too bad they didn’t shock the blank out of the great unwashed with the fact that Microsoft Office was first on Apple’s Mac, not Windows.

And, for Jobs’ sake, if you want your audience to remain awake during your presentation, use Apple’s Keynote rather than PowerPoint!

The newest “Get a Mac” ad, “Office Possse,” from Apple UK:

Higher quality versions here:

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  1. It’s the accent. Ya just gotta laugh at a punch line when it’s delivered in the queen’s english.

    “England and America are two countries separated by a common language” – GBS

    MDN word is Numbers, as in I hope the new version of iWork has Numbers in it.

  2. “England and America are two countries separated by a common language and a fscking great ocean thank Christ” – The Pub Landlord

    Three cheers for the beer, all hail to the ale
    Pint for the fella and glass of white wine or a fruit based drink for the ladies
    Those are the rules!!!
    If we didn’t have rules then where would we be? Thats right FRANCE!!!
    If we had too many rules then where would we be? Germany!!!

  3. Apple definitely needs to make an American version of this one!

    As for English, nothing worse than a bunch of Yanks, Canucks, Brits, and Aussies all together at a meeting an a country where English is the second language. The so-called native speakers can barely understand each otehr – let alone the poor locals!

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