Dell snafu leaves every primary school in Glasgow without vital computer access

Apple Store“Every primary school in Glasgow was left without vital computer access after the failure of a new £15million system,” The Evening Times reports.

“It’s caused chaos at more than 170 city primaries and linked pre-five units – and has yet to be fully resolved,” The Evening Times reports. “Schools have had no e-mail or internet access and teachers have been unable to access even basic data files…”

“Dell installed the new information communications system on April 1, and it was due to be operating by the end of the holidays,” The Evening Times reports. “But teachers returning to work last week discovered the problem, and there are fears years of material supplied by a previous contractor could be lost.”

“Leaders of teaching union, the Educational Institute of Scotland, today hit out, and demanded compensation for the schools,” The Evening Times reports.

The Evening Times reports, “Dell won a contract to take care of the city’s primaries earlier this year, and promised to provide 7400 computers, maintain networks and servers, and give full-time teachers laptop access. IT specialists from the firm were trying to reconnect primary schools throughout the city.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Hugh” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: We’re not in [Hays] Kansas anymore… but, we might as well be. wink

Note to Hays parents: There’s always Kansas City (hint: they’re getting Macs)!

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  1. 30 million (US) is a lot of damn money in anybody’s book. I certainly hope for everyones sake they can get these schools back up and running properly.

    Connectivity is a major problem the world over and not just in Kansas anymore!

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