Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard to allow access to iChat 4.0 features from applications

Apple Store“Apple is slowly publicizing some of Mac OS X Leopard’s underlying features, most recently providing developers with an explanation of how the operating system’s expanded Instant Message framework will allow them to access iChat 4.0 features from within their applications,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“For example, Apple said the framework will allow developers to programatically determine through their own applications whether a specific instant message user is online, and start iChat theater sessions to share supporting video and audio content during a video conference,” McLean reports.

“iChat Theater, a new feature of iChat due in Leopard, will also allow applications to present audio and video content during an iChat conference. For example, developer’s applications can present a slide show, a video feed, or 3D graphics, complete with sound, to one or more conference participants,” McLean reports.

“In addition to the Instant Message framework, developers will also be able to access iChat’s many features through AppleScript, performing such activities as initiating a video chat or responding to an iChat event,” McLean reports.

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. I love my .mac account and ichat, but all my mates ave hotmail accounts, would love it to be hotmail compatible like yahoo!! so i can enjoy all my mac features, but talk to all my back to front friends on windows!!!

    f.y.i msn messenger is shit no video support for my macbook!!!

    my thoughts!

  2. How about make it work with MSN and yahoo? Would love to have it work with those and not rely on a third party, where I cant get video. And please, no Jabber mentions. I want it all in one window, one account, isight enabled.

    One program to rule them all. Open source folks do it. Why not iChat?

    A shame it relies on AOL and the bastard step-child, AIM.

    Step up apple, this still your weakest link.

  3. Or at the very least, make iChat available for Windows. It’d love to take advantage of it, but most people I know (unfortunately) use Windows. iChat to AIM on a PC is tremulous at best.

  4. One other thought, this sounds like it’s got great possibilities, but unfortunately it will probably only be taken advantage of by small developers who make Mac-only software. The big guys (read: Adobe) won’t ever take advantage of it (or any other awesome OS X technologies like Core Video) because there’s no equivalent on the Windows side.

  5. iChat needs to be fully compatible with other instant messengers, especially for video chatting. Despite the claim that AOL messenger works with iChat for video, it has never worked for me and my family who have PCs and AOL. Sure I have friends who have Macs but all of my family use PCs. Otherwise, iChat will be a cute gimmick but not very useful generally.

  6. The biggest feature that iChat really need is compatibility accross any IM network. iChat is cool, but nobody uses it. Most people living is the US probably use AIM and use it also with iChat, but people in Europe mainly use MSN. In Asia and Australia, people use Yahoo Messenger. So far, iChat is very US centric and is unable to connect to the MSN or Yahoo network directly, nor through Jabber. (I tried the various hacks online but I never get it to work). The whole iChat network is clumsy. Take a look at MSN, they have hotmail email service, and you use that same name and password to login to their MSN Messenger. For Yahoo, they have their email service, and people use that same name and password to login to Yahoo Messenger. The same with Gmail, they connect to GTalk with the same name and password. How about iChat??? MSN/Yahoo and Gmail are all free. Who would pay for .mac just so they can use iChat? AIM you say? I tried many2 times to convince my friends (UK) to register for AIM, but they don’t want to! Not everyone wants to subscribe to AIM. In Yahoo Messenger, you can add any of your friends who are on the MSN network directly into YM and start chatting with them. They don’t have to subscribe to YM email at all. So that kind of compatibility is what we need in the next version of iChat. Also, iChat need to drop their separate windows for ‘.mac/AIM’ list, ‘Jabber List’ and ‘bonjour’ list. Be more like Adium. Adium can connect to many IM networks, and gives a list of all your friends in one window. Until then, iChat will just sit there unused no matter how cool it is.

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