“Shortly after its acquisition of Shazam last year, Apple took the music tagging application ad-free,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “o follow-up on that change, Apple has now removed nearly all third-party SDKs from the app as well.”

“Apple last week released a small update to the Shazam app on iOS, with the change log indicating that the update included ‘bug fixes and performance improvements.’ AppFigures has now discovered, however, that the update also removed nearly all of the third-party SDKs that the Shazam app was using,” Miller reports. “Apple has removed the following SDKs from Shazam: AdMob, Bolts, DoubleClick, Facebook Ads, Facebook Analytics, Facebook Login, Inmobi, IAS, Moat, and Mopub.”

“Meanwhile, the Shazam app for Android still features many third-party SDKs,” Miller reports. “Whether or not Apple ends up removing those third-party SDKs from Shazam for Android remains to be seen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Leave ’em in Android, they’re used to being tracked and having their personal data sold without compensation.

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