“European regulators will launch an in-depth investigation of Apple’s planned $400m purchase of Shazam, the music recognition app developed in the UK,” BBC News reports. “The European Commission said an initial probe found Apple may encourage Shazam users to switch to its own music streaming service following a takeover.”

“Apple said in December that it intended to buy Shazam,” The Beeb reports. “The Commission now has 90 working days to decide whether to approve the deal.”

“Although it does not consider Shazam to be a ‘key entry point’ for music streaming services, the Commission will consider whether Apple Music’s competitors would be harmed if Apple discontinued referrals from the Shazam app to them after a takeover,” The Beeb reports. “Spotify subscribers, for instance, can have songs identified on Shazam automatically added to a playlist in the streaming app.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shazam does not have a monopoly on music discovery. The European Commission is wildly overreaching while needlessly delaying Apple’s acquisition of Shazam.

Behold the languid expediency of meddlesome bureaucrats unfurling unnecessary red tape!MacDailyNews, March 15, 2018

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