1. What other company would acquire a company and then eliminate the revenue-generating potential from intrusive tracking? Other companies create the intrusive tracking features and depend on selling your data to “earn” revenue. Only Apple would improve the user experience and increase privacy protection by eliminating the tracker and ad delivery SDKs.

    “Apple has removed the following SDKs from Shazam: AdMob, Bolts, DoubleClick, Facebook Ads, Facebook Analytics, Facebook Login, Inmobi, IAS, Moat, and Mopub.”

    Note that three of them are directly associated with…Facebook.

  2. Duh, Apple removed the ads and are now placing ‘suggested’ songs in the song list. I was wondering where and why I have been getting them and now I know.

    BTW, I EFFING EFFING HATE that Apple suggests songs for me. It EFFING dicks up my iTunes with crap clutter. I also hate how they dicked up the iTunes interface. Was much better and easier to use about 4 or so years ago.

    Why do software ‘engineers’ dick up the interfaces of perfectly good working software? A friend of mine theorized that it’s to go show their bosses that they ‘improved’ the existing interfaces and hence justify their employment.

  3. Thank goodness those sour sacks of Phayke xerroh and all of his aliases are GONE.

    I purchased the ad-free Shazam Pro app a long time ago, so in theory I was always free of these SDKs.

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