“Apple has massively rewarded those who took the risk of owning the stock over time. We also know that Apple shareholders have had some nervous years along the ride,” Logan Kane writes for Seeking Alpha. “Despite the volatility seen in the stock, the company’s fundamentals are solid.”

“The volatility has a lot to do with who your fellow shareholders are and not as much to do with Apple’s profits and revenue,” Kane writes. “While Apple hasn’t done what I initially expected it to do this fall, the stock is an even better long-term buy now than it was a couple of months ago.”

“To illustrate this point, I built a graph of the last 10 years of Apple which shows the cumulative drawdowns in the stock. During this time, had you bought and hold AAPL, you’d be up over six times your original investment plus dividends, even after the 20+ percent drop since the most recent high,” Kane writes. “During this period, you would have had to endure drawdowns of 60 percent during the 2008 crisis, 40 percent in 2013, close to 30 percent in 2016, and over 25 percent now.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart investors can tune out the specious noise.

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