“Apple now sells its own products on Amazon (to the eventual dismay of third-party sellers), and much to my personal surprise, we’re already seeing some fine deals on MacBooks on Amazon as a result. Nor are these the scrimpy non-deals you’ll usually find on Apple’s own site,” Leif Johnson reports for Macworld. “Today for instance, you can get the 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro for an impressive $300 off.”

“Apple is also selling last year’s 12-inch MacBook with 512GB of storage for $300 off as well,” Johnson reports. “That’s a good price for a highly portable device, but the catch is that you can only get it in gold.”

Johnson reports, “You’ll find other Apple deals on Amazon today as well — such as at least $100 off a 21-inch iMac or $200 off the larger 27-inch model — and we expect more deals from Apple to pop up from Amazon in the coming days.”

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