Apple debuts annual holiday ad: ‘Share Your Gifts’

Apple has debuts the company’s annual holiday ad which asks, “Have you ever made something wonderful but were too afraid to share it?”

Follow along as a creative young woman named Sofia writes, draws, plays music, and sculpts in private — locking away and hiding her creations — only to be set free by her faithful companion.

The song is “come out and play” by Billie Eilish.

See how the team brought Sofia and her world to life with Apple’s BTS video:

MacDailyNews Take: We like it. Beautiful song plus beautifully-rendered computer animation telling a timeless message; what’s not to like?


  1. It would have been nice if the animated Laptop in the beginning still had a backlit Apple Logo on it’s cover,,, Kinda like and ornament,, but alas no,,,

    -they could have shown the kid snag and drag her laptop to the floor, as there is no more MagSafe power connector,, but it’s Christmas,,,, why go there.

    Yeah, you never really do know what is being sold in an Apple commercial, well you do,,, nothing, not enough to show market share gains,,, Can they show these commercial campaigns move the needle?

    The Making of video just lets you know you their spending money. I cant get that three minutes back.

    I’m sure the girl is watching her own video on YouTube, while shopping on Amazon.

    I looked really close, although I saw the subliminal Rainbow sticker on the laptop, I didn’t find a unicorn. but I bet there’s one in the spot somewhere.

        1. Sorry kid, the older generation grew up playing outside without helmets and pads.. We created the personal computers and the software that makes it just work. Your generation eats tide pods and needs safe spaces when offended by something on the internet, and can’t put your damn phone long enough to enjoy a simple face to face conversation over dinner. We’re going to live forever just to piss you off.

      1. yes, to me the most astonishing thing about the ad was that there was a Mac there !

        I remember one Christmas a couple years back when Ahrendts was talking to reporters about shopping at Apple for Christmas she didn’t mention the Mac at all ! She spent a long while talking about third party speakers and accessories but no Mac (I was waiting for it). Then on Apple’s website for suggested Christmas gifts I could only see a CORNER of a Macbook in 4 or 5 Christmas ‘gifts’ photos.

        I guess flat iPhone unit sales has finally woken up Cook that Macs are still Apple’s second largest hardware money maker , bigger than the entire ‘other products’ group of TV , Watch, AirPods, Beats, Homepod , etc COMBINED. (Doubters go see Apple’s financials)

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