Apple slashes MacBook and MacBook Pro prices by up to $300 on Amazon

“Apple now sells its own products on Amazon (to the eventual dismay of third-party sellers), and much to my personal surprise, we’re already seeing some fine deals on MacBooks on Amazon as a result. Nor are these the scrimpy non-deals you’ll usually find on Apple’s own site,” Leif Johnson reports for Macworld. “Today for instance, you can get the 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro for an impressive $300 off.”

“Apple is also selling last year’s 12-inch MacBook with 512GB of storage for $300 off as well,” Johnson reports. “That’s a good price for a highly portable device, but the catch is that you can only get it in gold.”

Johnson reports, “You’ll find other Apple deals on Amazon today as well — such as at least $100 off a 21-inch iMac or $200 off the larger 27-inch model — and we expect more deals from Apple to pop up from Amazon in the coming days.”

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  1. The linked Amazon website is a MESS.

    on the first page linked to:
    they are selling Mac OS Snow Leopard in a Box !! Next to new stuff.

    I don’t get this.
    it seems a complete reverse of Steve Jobs vision of marketing clarity and building up a ‘up-market’ ambience.

    I got out of link, clicked on Amazon and did ‘Apple’ search. Still a mess.

    I hope I’m just searching wrong. But if I’m doing it, how many ordinary consumers will too…

    Also Beating Up on Small Retailers is a bad idea, you don’t live in the city centre and have no easy access to Apple Stores, mom and pop shops are where you get you Apple devices fixed. I have to take a one and half hour FERRY and drive two hours to get to an Apple store !

  2. Apple hardware on sale. Not selling as good as it used to.

    Nice job Pipeline. Great marketing effort you have there for the Mac. Those new ads work great!!

  3. What EXACTLY is the intent and purpose of this business strategy? Are the same discounts available at Apple stores, the Apple website or small third party retailers? If not, wonder how will it affect all of them this holiday season.

    Looks like Apple has cut a deal with the world’s largest retailer (devil) and threw everyone else under the bus. Where is the righteous outrage from the UNHINGED LEFT that complained for decades about Walmart hurting small business, hmmm? Not reading it here. Amazon is the number one reason malls and big box stores are closing and not a peep mentioning Amazon.

    So I assume as long as Apple does the same, the fanboys will fall in line, and because they walk on water here it’s all good. Hypocrisy GRANDE!…

  4. Well that’s getting it closer to realistic territory. Still not there yet. Apple needs to work a lot harder to justify its product pricing, especially the never ending price gouging on RAM and SSDs.

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