“Apple Inc. has found itself in the strange position of having joined the ranks of those companies that have lost their own narratives. After the company’s earnings, CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple would no longer be offering up unit sales and guidance figures for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac units,” Jon C. Ogg writes for 24/7 Wall St. “While this means that analysts and investors are going to have a long adjustment period to forecasting Apple’s numbers, it likely just means less clarity and more uncertainty.”

“While Apple may not be in anywhere close to as bad of a position as General Electric and other troubled companies, this is beginning to look ever more like Apple’s narrative is now being spun by the outside world rather than by Cook and corporate announcements,” Ogg writes. “It is usually quite bad for a company when its stock price is driven by outsiders and other companies affecting the share price day in and day out. This often occurs without anything new being said and with repetitive commentary simply coming out each day.”

MacDailyNews Take: This occurs so often that it’s been happening routinely for over four decades now.

“A lowered target price from JPMorgan went to $266 from $270 on Monday,” Ogg writes. “Now Apple faces another issue from Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall. On Tuesday morning, the analyst maintained his Neutral rating but lowered his price target on Apple by 13% to $209 from $240… Other analysts have downgraded Apple as well, some with target cuts only but some with formal ratings cuts. On November 2, Maxim maintained a Hold rating but lowered its Apple target to $212 from $221. On the same day, Merrill Lynch downgraded the stock to Neutral from Buy.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple does what Apple does, they disrupt; in this case, the narrative surrounding the company. Enough with market share and unit sales. It no longer matters with 1.3 billion installed devices and high customer satisfaction.

In the short term, Apple shorts, whining analysts deprived of their beloved-yet-largely-unimportant unit sales numbers, and other anti-Apple FUDsters/naysayers will pour speculation into Apple’s unit sales vacuum. Apple’s results will squelch that in due course.

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