“Like many other Apple watchers, I’m considering this transition a foregone conclusion,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “I’ve already put a stake in the ground that Apple will ship a Mac with custom silicon by 2020 at the absolute latest, and I stand by that.”

“The question is: which Mac goes first? There are, to my mind, two major contenders in this space,” Moren writes. “[The 12-inch MacBook] $100 more than the MacBook Air, and doesn’t pack quite the same bang for its buck. (Granted, if you’re looking for thin and light, it still manages to beat out the Air on both those fronts.) Sure seems like the MacBook is due for a refresh, though…and what if that refresh were to headline a transition to an Apple-designed chip?”

“We know little about Apple’s upcoming resurrection of the Mac Pro [due in 2019],” Moren writes. “What if that forthcoming Mac Pro contains a surprise in the form of an Apple-made processor?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s simply better than little Intel at chip design. We wish we could get an AX12 MacBook today, but we’ll wait a bit more for whatever goodness Apple has on tap.

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