“Samsung Electronics Co. may have misdialed on the $1,000 smartphone era,” Timothy W. Martin reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Fewer buyers than expected have shelled out top dollar for Samsung’s new flagship device, the Galaxy S9, with top-end versions approaching the $1,000 mark. The consumer rebuke, plus heavier marketing expenses, caused second-quarter mobile-unit profits to nosedive by one-third from a year earlier.”

“Lee Kyeong-tae, vice president of Samsung’s mobile-communications business, on the company’s earnings call Tuesday… acknowledged rising price tags were ‘drawing market resistance,'” Martin reports. “Samsung is absorbing the largest blow from a smartphone industry that is struggling with a historic sales slump. Prices can’t rise much more, if at all, and Samsung is losing ground to cheaper Chinese rivals… Apple reports its quarterly results on Tuesday. Analysts expect the Cupertino, Calif., company to deliver a 2% increase in iPhone units and a 17% increase in sales on higher average selling prices, according to FactSet.”

Martin reports, “The phone struggles come just two years after Samsung faced a global recall of overheating Galaxy Note 7 devices, which ultimately cost it around $6.5 billion and led to a widespread ban on carrying the device onto aircraft amid fears it was a fire safety hazard.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The South Korean dishwasker maker is highly confused. The best any Android phone will ever be is nothing more than a poor man’s iPhone.

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