“A wave of new technology could soon improve everyday life for many of the 250 million people with impaired vision,” Emma Kennedy writes for CNN. “‘Years ago, I couldn’t do financial things without help,’ said Mario Percinic, a blind IT professional and accessibility expert. ‘Now I use a screenreader with my online banking,’ said Percinic, who co-hosts a podcast on technology and accessibility called EBU Access Cast.”

“And smartphones look set to continue to offer new services to people with vision impairment,” Kennedy writes. “London-based not-for-profit Wayfindr, a subsidiary of the Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC), has developed a benchmark standard for using mobile devices to help people navigate indoor spaces”

Kennedy writes, “Beyond smartphones, new wearable technology could prove life-changing for visually impaired people.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Amazing leaps in accessibility have been in a relatively short period of time and will continue to be made by companies like Apple, whose record on accessibility is exemplary.

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